You want to get pregnant

Becoming pregnant is not something that always happens for everyone when it is desired. There are women who are not yet pregnant after a long time of trying and have to look for other ways to become pregnant. There are also women who become pregnant immediately after it has been decided that a child is welcome. Anyone who wants to become pregnant can at least take the natural process into account and the moments within it when there is the best chance of pregnancy.

Desire to have a baby

Most couples who decide to have a child will first stop using contraception and then wait anxiously for the first few months to see whether the pregnancy has become a reality. If the pregnancy does not materialize after a few months, some couples are not concerned at all and simply wait for the next month. However, another group is so keen to get pregnant quickly that they seek information about fertility and pregnancy.

Fertile period

During the cycle there is a specific fertile period and that is at the moment of ovulation. With a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, ovulation will occur in the middle of that period, which is 14 days after the first day of the last and 14 days before the next menstrual period. The moment of and just before ovulation gives the best chance of becoming pregnant, but since not all women have a regular cycle, determining the ovulation period can be difficult. In that case, an ovulation test can be used to determine whether ovulation has occurred. Such a test is simple and can be purchased at a drugstore or pharmacy, for example.

If it does not work

Few women are able to become pregnant immediately, and it is therefore not surprising if no pregnancy has occurred after six months. Although the majority of women become pregnant within the first year after stopping birth control, for other women it takes longer. If pregnancy does not occur after a year and there is a suspicion that becoming pregnant naturally will pose a problem, it is time to take action. The cause of failure to conceive may, for example, be due to endometriosis or poorly functioning ovaries in the woman, but it may also happen that the cause is the quality of the man’s sperm. Investigations can usually show whether there is a reason that one is not yet pregnant and on this basis a solution can be sought.

Get pregnant faster

If there were a means to quickly become pregnant or to determine when a pregnancy will occur, many women would want to use it. Getting pregnant very quickly is not for every woman, because the majority of women become pregnant after a few months to a year. In order to become pregnant as quickly as possible, a number of aspects can be taken into account, but that is also no guarantee of success. An irregular menstrual cycle makes it difficult to determine when the most fertile period occurs. However, there is a solution for this in the form of an ovulation test. The ovulation test can be purchased at the drugstore or pharmacy, for example from ClearBlue, and is easy to use. Since the chance of pregnancy after sexual intercourse is greatest in the period around ovulation, an ovulation test can certainly be helpful if you want to get pregnant quickly.

Good health and getting pregnant quickly

A healthy body is an ideal basis for wanting to become pregnant quickly. Health not only concerns the woman who wants to become pregnant, but also the man. Good sperm quality will lead to pregnancy more quickly than poor sperm quality. Too much alcohol, smoking and drugs have a negative impact on sperm quality, so this can be taken into account. Healthy eating and sufficient exercise ensure that the body is in good condition, and that is of course also positive in case a pregnancy occurs.