Autumn holidays with the children

For some people, the autumn holidays are about sleeping in, for others it is about doing the day’s things in a different rhythm and for someone else it is about doing business with the family. What the daily schedule looks like depends on whether you have young children and whether they are at home. Going outside, exercising and doing business is something else that is so good for children. In any case, for many, the autumn holidays are a time to step out of the daily rhythm and do things that you normally don’t have time to do. If you have children, it is an excellent time to take them into nature. Nature is changing rapidly at the moment, but it is not yet so cold that prolonged outdoor use could lead to problems.

If you are at another location, doing business there is fun, but there is always plenty to do from home. You just have to be willing to make time for it and find something that is also entertaining for children. This can be anything ranging from meadows to city parks, the dunes, the forest, along the water of the sea or the river or the heathlands or sandy plains on the Veluwe.

Get it out from behind that cupboard

It’s so easy, if you want to get some extra hours of sleep yourself, your children often like to sit in front of the (games) computer and how ideal it is to put them behind it and experience some extra rest. Or the television turns on and the children’s programs are tuned in and wonderful, you go back for a while or it is just nice and quiet and so you as parents/educators can do other things. Yet we have known for years that this is not the best for your child(ren), and we are of course not talking about an hour of television or an hour on the computer.

Source: Own nephew – Annastaal

Balance for children

Getting children out from behind that locker is not just about the increased weight of children, although that is one of the causes. What it is certainly about is the copy of the parents/educators, after all adults often lose balance due to hectic lives and then have to relax during a holiday or a weekend for themselves. Children often do not even achieve balance, due to the development that causes children to spend much more time behind that cupboard. While in addition to learning at school and a warm homecoming, nature and the social nature of playing with other children are also so important.

Doing business with children

Children learn the relationships in social networks in a playful way. Play keeps children busy and creates competition. In addition, fresh air is good and if you live in the middle of the city, it is important that you provide sufficient greenery. An autumn holiday can be ideally suited to spend in nature, with or without friends.

Different environment

A different environment, for example if you go to a holiday park at home or abroad for a (mid) week or you are looking for beautiful places from your own home that are easy to drive to. The importance of a different environment is good for several reasons;

  • Broadening the image of the child
  • Good for creativity
  • Makes children curious

All this means that children explore more and therefore exercise. Whether by bike, walking, searching in the forest or other natural environment, it doesn’t matter. The child is occupied with body and mind and is essentially different than at school.

What to do?

Besides the fact that all kinds of holiday parks employ animation trainers during the holiday period and the children are kept busy with games, it is also good and fun to keep your children busy or simply participate in it yourself. How do you handle that?

Take a good look at the area where you are and see what you can do to get children started. Think of:

  • Letting children collect is always fun. In the forest these can be complete (including hat) acorns, multi-colored leaves or moss. But along the sea, whole shells (for example in a certain color) can be fun to collect or see what appears further along the coastline. Just look around you at nature (a city park can also provide fun things), that is enough to get children started.
  • Children like to search (and find). So think about something of a certain color. Could be anything, but not every environment has the same amount of color. In that case, combine the game with certain shapes that can be looked up.
  • Give children an assignment in advance for something they have to make when they return and let them collect what they think they need for it in nature. All you need to do is provide some glue and scissors at home and let them get to work.
  • Just play a game with children and let them exercise in nature. The wonderful smells of the forest, the beach or the wind that carries them away.
  • You need to know something about it or take a book with you, but there is plenty to eat from nature. Collect supplies together and do the preparation at home together.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated for children, but if there is something in nature where they can participate in an organized way, why not. Make it a day outdoors. Of course you can also spend a day swimming or playing tennis, mini golf, cycling or being active on the bouncy castle. As long as children are active and most children are happy to show that drawing to parents/guardians. Give them that opportunity and be involved.


Good for the child and parents/carer, because what could be more pleasant to strengthen your bond with the child in such a way. Think of some fun things, possibly in consultation, but make sure that there is a balance of learning, playing, exercise and of course some TV and computer. Wonderful autumn holiday!