Super flu vaccine: lifelong protection (powder vaccine)

Super vaccine, what is that? A super vaccine against the flu is coming. Great and it seems to have now been discovered, according to research leader John Oxford. Everyone knows about the Mexican flu that threatened us and the annual flu. With the super vaccine it is a matter of getting a flu shot once and you are protected against the flu for your entire life. No one wants the flu and everyone wants lifelong protection. Worldwide, 500,000 people die every year from the flu. A very long-lasting powder vaccine is also in the making.

A super vaccine against the flu

Countless people are infected with the flu every year and this infection can have serious consequences. Especially in people with reduced resistance and diabetics. We are all familiar with the annual flu and in most cases it makes us sick, but after some sniffles and headaches it usually goes away quickly. Complications can occur, especially in people with reduced resistance and people who are older. It is not without reason that many people are getting the flu shot from their doctor again this year. And we do this every year, because a virus can mutate, change and because there are many types of flu, an annual injection is required and a repeat if you have had the flu in a previous year.

What is a super vaccine against the flu?

A super vaccine against flu means that we would be protected against all types of flu and virus strains that cause flu, even if the virus changes. No more return of the dreaded Mexican flu, no return of the Spanish flu that caused so many deaths. It means getting an injection once. It represents a tremendous cost saving for healthcare and an ultimate discovery for humanity and science. It means saving countless lives around the world. It means you are immune for life.

Professor John Oxford explains how the vaccine works

Professor John Oxford is the leading expert in Great Britain on the flu and the research into creating a definitive vaccine. He once again indicates how difficult it is to find the key to effectively tackling the flu. Once vaccinated with a normal flu vaccine, you build up some resistance to the flu in question, but because viruses can constantly change, you can still become ill due to a variant of a virus. So the trick is to find a means by which your body attacks the parts of a virus that do not change, the N and MP proteins in the virus. If you succeed, you will have protection and in any case much better protection than without taking an adapted vaccine. This now seems to have worked. The vaccine has only been tried on 100 people, but this has been successful with excellent results and is therefore very promising. If the vaccine is further approved, it will also be able to be administered on a large scale.

Powder vaccine works for 20 years

Researchers at the University of Groningen RUG have a powder vaccine that provides 20 years of protection against influenza. You will soon take the powder vaccine with an inhaler.

Spanish flu, a terrible pandemic

A particularly terrifying example of how devastating influenza can be is the 1918 Spanish flu. Estimates vary, but it is thought that 20 million or perhaps 100 million people died as a result of this pandemic. In 2011 we were confronted with the Mexican flu, which was greatly feared, in 2020 with corona. Fortunately they caused fewer victims. But the Mexican flu also caused many victims in parts of the world. With Professor John Oxford’s super vaccine, these types of calamities would now be a thing of the past. Let’s hope that he is right and that we will soon have the powder vaccine from Groningen. The sooner the better.