Beautiful cheap jewelry and clothing via eBay

Looking for original and beautiful jewelry for little money? Then take a look at eBay. Here you will find a lot of beautiful jewelry and of course many other beautiful things, often for little money and if you are lucky, shipping is also free. Do you also like beautiful clothes and jewelry and do you want to keep up with the latest trends? But you don’t want to spend too much money for something beautiful. Then take a look at eBay. On eBay you can score very nice items for very little money.

eBay is a true shopping paradise. You can really buy everything there. You will find a lot of beautiful jewelry and clothing there. Also those nice statement necklaces and for little money. Here in the stores you can easily pay around €20 for a nice statement necklace. You can get them on eBay for a few euros and they often ship for free.


Many people will wonder whether eBay is safe, but eBay is much safer than Marktplaats. On Marktplaats you will find a lot of second-hand stuff, while on eBay you can mainly buy new stuff, also second-hand, but the second-hand range is a lot smaller. You can easily pay with PayPal, which is very safe. Most things come from America and China and actually what you buy always arrives. The delivery time varies somewhat, but patience is a virtue. If you click on a product you will see the seller on the right. There is often an x number of % underneath. This is reliability. If it is above 95%, you are always in the right place.

Free shipping and delivery times

If you buy things from China, you often don’t pay shipping costs. That saves a lot of money. For example, if you buy a pair of nice earrings, you pay less than €2. On eBay, prices are usually listed in dollars. If you convert dollars to euros, it will be slightly cheaper. The delivery time from China is between two and four weeks. From America you can count on about two weeks, but sometimes an article arrives earlier.

Import duties

If you buy more expensive things, you sometimes run the risk of having your package picked out at customs. According to the rules, you have to pay import duties on the things you buy from abroad. Of course, they cannot remove every package and envelope. The chance is small, but there. Things from China are often declared as ‘gifts’, so you don’t have to pay import duties on them anyway. If you are picked out, you can assume that you will have to pay about 21% extra. You often receive an invoice from the sender. DPD, GLS, DHL, TNT Express, and so on. So you actually just have to pay the VAT. However, the chance is very small and actually only occurs with larger packages.


You can also buy a lot of clothes. Clothing from China in particular is very cheap. You have to keep in mind that the sizes are different there. Search for ‘Korean Fashion’ and you will see very nice pieces of clothing. Really the latest fashion trends. You can buy nice dresses for, for example, €5, including shipping. That’s really not money. You should always look carefully at the size chart and measure everything carefully, then you can be sure that the garment will fit you. Skirts and dresses often run shorter, so keep that in mind.