Quitting alcohol completely: what are the benefits?

Quitting alcohol completely takes some courage and conviction at first, but once you start, the benefits will continue to increase. It is mainly the belief that quitting drinking is better that can convince you. By keeping the benefits for your health in mind, you can quit it effectively. The benefits of ending your alcohol use or addiction lie in three areas: your health, your social life and your budget. Because it is often forgotten that quitting drinking also makes a big financial difference. No longer drinking alcohol means a step forward for several aspects of your life. What are the benefits of quitting alcohol?

Don’t drink alcohol anymore

As with most addictions, it is crucial with alcohol abuse to convince yourself that it is better to stop. You have already experienced quite a few negative consequences from your alcohol consumption and you have decided that enough is enough. That belief is your greatest strength to start a new phase in your life and that is one without alcohol. And when quitting your alcohol use or addiction, it can give you a lot of courage to think of the benefits that it brings. No longer drinking alcohol means a big step forward for your mental and physical health.

Completely and permanently stop drinking alcohol

Once you are convinced that it is better to stop drinking alcohol , it is important to put that belief into practice and go for it completely. While for some people three days without alcohol is quite an achievement, others opt for one month or 100 days without alcohol, for example. Not drinking alcohol for a year is also a good resolution if you want to detox your body. However, the benefits of temporarily quitting alcohol cannot be compared to the benefits of quitting alcohol completely. These advantages are located in several areas. We list the most essential benefits in terms of your social life, your wallet and your health.

Advantages: social

No more embarrassing displays

You will also make progress socially once you stop drinking. After all, alcohol can in some cases be a spoilsport when you have to deal with situations where people are together: think of excesses or embarrassing outpourings at parties that you later regret, or making advances on someone else’s wife that you feel ashamed the next day. are over.

Socially better accepted

You will also reduce the chance of causing a traffic accident and you will be less likely to get into violent arguments or fights. In general you will look better, which will also be noticed by your fellow man. You are more alert and clear in conversations, which makes you more interesting to your conversation partners than when you are chatting drunk. You will receive compliments more quickly and you will be more socially accepted if you say goodbye to your alcohol addiction. So your self-confidence can benefit from it.

Quitting alcohol: financial benefits

It goes without saying that quitting drinking also has financial benefits. That delicious local beer or expensive French wine that you were so crazy about took a big bite out of your wallet. Now you can use that money for other things. You also no longer have to go to the night shop at night to satisfy your need for alcohol, so you save a lot of money . A larger budget and financial ease are therefore an undeniable advantage of quitting alcohol.

Health benefits

Less chance of diseases

The benefits of quitting alcohol for your health are numerous. Even if you never had any serious health problems when you drank, you will still be better off if you quit. This not only concerns acute conditions but also the long-term development of diseases. In that case, diseases develop gradually and silently, and you only notice them as you get older. When you stop drinking, you not only reduce the risk of liver problems in general, but also of many other diseases or conditions, such as:

  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • liver cancer
  • overweight
  • stomach complaints
  • high bloodpressure
  • erectile dysfunction
  • brain disorders
  • kidney problems
  • problems with memory
  • problems with the pancreas
  • problems with intestines and other digestive organs


In addition, you will develop a better health condition in general. You will be in better physical condition, your skin will look better and you will be able to concentrate better. Because you no longer drink alcohol, your body will have to process less waste products and it will have more space to absorb nutrients that have a positive effect on your body, such as vitamins and minerals. Because you no longer have pounding headaches and hangovers, you will be able to think and work better and clearly. In other words, you will feel better both physically and mentally.

Better absorption of vitamins

People who chronically drink a lot of alcohol may develop problems absorbing sufficient B vitamins. Because of this, alcoholics may have difficulty concentrating, remembering certain things, and the like. In the long term, this can even cause damage to the central nervous system. If you stop drinking alcohol, you give your body the opportunity to absorb vitamins better, so that these harmful consequences can be avoided.

Tip: extra vitamin B1

For the above reason, it can be useful to provide your body with extra support with vitamin supplements if you decide to quit alcohol. Vitamin B1 in particular is often recommended for alcohol users in withdrawal, but taking a complex of B vitamins can also be very useful in the entire withdrawal process . This will give your body an extra boost to better absorb vitamins and gradually become stronger.

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