Nausea due to stress: symptoms and solution

More and more people are experiencing stress and this can lead to all kinds of physical and psychological discomfort. Stress can also cause you to feel nauseous due to all kinds of complaints. Stress has various causes and it also depends on someone’s character. Prolonged stress blocks normal body functions and disrupts balance. If this affects your digestive system or your stomach, it can lead to nausea, sometimes causing you to literally throw up.

What stress is

Stress prepares the body to take action. This will increase your heart rate, speed up your breathing and tighten your muscles. The hormone adrenaline ensures that these physical reactions are initiated. This way we can run away in case of danger, just like we used to have to do to survive. As soon as the threatening situation is over, the body will relax again. Stress is actually a normal reaction of the body. A person reacts in the same way when there are no real dangers, such as a job with a high workload, being late or having to take an exam. This form of stress can persist for too long, causing unhealthy stress.

The causes of stress

Stress can have many causes. Every person reacts differently to a certain situation. What one person responds to with healthy stress, another will suffer from unhealthy stress. Stress is provoked by a so-called “stressor”. This could be anything such as: the loss of a loved one, worrying about financial worries, relationship problems or health problems. It can also arise from daily irritations, such as traffic jams or annoyance with a certain person at work. Stress can help you perform better at work, but if it lasts too long, it can cause all kinds of complaints.

Nausea due to stress

If you feel nauseous due to stress, it is a cry for help from the body. Stress can manifest itself in many ways. It blocks certain functions of the body. It affects your hormones, heart rate, muscles and digestion. If the stress goes on for too long, it can literally make you feel sick. It may even be accompanied by vomiting. Being nauseous is not a condition in itself, but a consequence of something else. Sometimes you don’t know where it comes from, but if you have problems in your life at that moment, it could be a result of stress. Try to find out what is bothering you and whether you are worrying.

Other complaints

If you are burdened more than you can handle, you will lose balance. Sometimes things can go well for a while, but eventually it will take its toll. Physical complaints may arise such as headache, back pain, high blood pressure, palpitations, dizziness, intestinal discomfort and extreme fatigue. You may feel unhappy, irritable, lonely, sad and emotional. In addition, sleep problems, sadness or lethargy may arise. Furthermore, it becomes more difficult to concentrate and it can be difficult to think clearly. At a certain point it is no longer possible to function normally.

More susceptible to stress

Some people are more sensitive to stress than others. Having certain character traits makes you more susceptible to stress, such as: a great sense of responsibility, great involvement, being a perfectionist, demanding a lot of yourself, being performance-oriented, being pessimistic, having little influence on your environment or difficulty helping others can ask. In addition, an unhealthy lifestyle can reduce your ability to cope, such as eating the wrong food for a long time, drinking too much alcohol or sleeping too little. Having too much work pressure, not taking enough breaks and not being able to say no to certain tasks can also lead to stress. Due to today’s busy lives, where more and more has to be done in less time, we are becoming increasingly susceptible to stress.


The obvious thing to do is to do something about the cause of your stress. Once you know what the stressor is, you need to address it. This is not always simple and may require psychological help. In the meantime, you can try to do something about your nausea. If necessary, discuss with your doctor which remedy is best for you to try. If you do not want this, you may want to consider a natural remedy. It is wise to consult your doctor if you feel nauseous due to long-term stress, otherwise a burnout is lurking. Discuss with him how you can best tackle this problem. To feel better in the meantime, you can ask some questions about your nausea.

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