Choose from many care products

The choice of care products is so wide and the range is so varied that in order to find the right cosmetic products it is useful to know what to look for. There are a number of points of interest that can be taken into account when making a choice from the different care products. A distinction can be made between purchasing a specific care product or a complete care line.

Specific care product

A specific care product is aimed at achieving a goal through its use. For example, consider purchasing an anti-wrinkle cream to combat the well-known wrinkles that occur as the skin ages. This is a specific care product that can be considered as an extra in addition to the basic products that are available for care of the body and skin.

Basic line of care products

The basics of care include a number of products that everyone who pays attention to care should have at home. The care products that form the basis do not all have to be from the same cosmetic line or from an expensive and exclusive brand. There are plenty of cheaper care products that can also do the trick.

  • Basic facial care products include cleansing milk, lotion and cream for day/night or a combination thereof.
  • For the body and hair, these include shower or bath foam, shampoo, body lotion and deodorant

In addition to the basic products, you can also use specific care products, such as a conditioner for the hair or a mask for the face.

Brands of care products

There are various brands in different price ranges that offer a whole line of care products. An example of care products for babies and children, which many adults still use, is Zwitsal. Other brands include Avon, Nivea, Dove and Lancome. Most brands are available in drugstores and the more expensive and exclusive care products can be purchased in a perfumery, for example. Care products are also often offered for sale via the internet.

The trends in skin care

There are always new developments in the field of skin care, such as the compositions of cosmetic products, but also new views on nutrition to contribute to healthy skin from within. Characteristic of skin care trends is that they are constantly changing, but on the other hand, a trend can also become more permanent and become embedded in skin care products.

Today’s trend

It is increasingly believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and this insight is now also being applied to skin care. A holistic bandage is therefore the trend in the field of skin care. According to the latest trend, healthy and radiant skin can be achieved through a positive combination of physical and emotional health, where there is also room for spirituality. Working from within is the basis of good skin care. Of course, the various cosmetic products also help to achieve healthy and radiant skin from the outside, and this is also about the combination of the principles.

Follow the skin care trend

To participate in this new skin care trend, you can simply follow a number of steps that lay the foundation for healthy and radiant skin.


Hydration is very important for skin care and this means that sufficient water must be drunk every day so that waste products can be removed, which in turn has a positive effect on the skin.

Sleep and relaxation

Sufficient sleep and relaxation are important for skin care. Getting enough sleep gives the body, and therefore also the skin, rest to recover and relax. A moment of relaxation is also necessary every day, so that stress has no or less chance.

Quit smoking

Stop smoking so that blood circulation improves and the skin gets a less gray appearance. Eat enough fruit and vegetables for the necessary vitamins.

Skin type

In addition to paying attention to the inner person, everything is of course also possible from the outside with regard to skin care. It is important to pay attention to the skin type to which the choice of cosmetic products can be tailored.