Types of medication for allergies

An allergy is a severe reaction of the body to a specific substance. Symptoms may occur such as asthma, itching, red and thickened skin, sneezing, tearing in the eyes and bumps on the skin. Of course, no one wants to get these symptoms and if they occur, they want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In many cases you can start by taking allergy tablets, which will quickly become effective and reduce or disappear the symptoms.

Different types of allergy tablets

If you suffer from an allergy because, for example, you have accidentally come into contact with a substance that you cannot tolerate, you can take allergy tablets. Even if you know that you will come into contact with the certain substance, you can take an allergy tablet so that you will not experience any or almost no symptoms. A good example of this is a pollen allergy. A pollen allergy means that people are allergic to the pollen of grasses and trees. Most of them use allergy tablets in the spring and summer, because otherwise they would constantly suffer from their allergies. Allergy tablets are available in different types and some examples are Zyrtec, Cetirizin, Aerius and Reactine.

Reactin; an allergy tablet

An example of a well-known and commonly used allergy tablet is Reactine. It is an allergy tablet from the antihistamine category, which suppresses and inhibits the release of histamine. This means that after taking this allergy tablet, the symptoms of the allergic reaction are suppressed. Reactine is very reliable, has excellent tolerability, long-lasting effectiveness, a fast onset of action and is extremely effective. This allergy tablet cannot be used for all types of allergies, but it can be used for the following.

Seasonal hypersensitivity

This mainly concerns pollen allergy. We have just read that the pollen of trees and grasses mainly occurs in spring and summer. So if you know that you are allergic to this and do not want to get hay fever, you can take Reactine.

Non-seasonal hypersensitivity

Reactine also works well for people who are allergic to dust mites, animal dander, and mold.

Hives and hives

When people are allergic to nickel in jewelry and still come into contact with it, they can experience an allergic reaction that manifests itself in hives or hives. If you have these symptoms, you can get rid of them by taking a Reactine tablet.


Aerius is a brand name of an allergy medicine that contains the active ingredient Desloratadine, and is only available with a prescription in the form of a drink or tablets. An allergy is an excessive reaction to stimuli from the environment and can be caused by, for example, pet dander, but also by grass pollen that can lead to the typical hay fever. The allergic reaction releases a special substance in the body called histamine. This substance can then cause a variety of allergy complaints. Aerius can be used to counteract this allergy reaction.

Aerius, broad effect on allergies

Aerius, which is available by prescription, has a broad effect against allergies. Aerius is the drug that prevents the production of histamine, the substance that causes allergic symptoms. The drug Aerius works against many different types of allergies and that is precisely due to its broad effect. Allergies that can be combated with the drug Aerius include:

  • Hay fever
  • Inflamed nasal mucosa
  • Inflamed eyes due to an allergic reaction
  • Hives
  • Itching due to allergy

Depending on the type of allergic reaction, the body’s reaction will be noticeable quickly after taking the Aerius drug. If taken as a result of itching due to an allergic reaction, the effect of the drug will be noticeable within an hour. The complaints will then subside within an hour and the effect will last about a day. In case of hay fever, the complaints can reduce within half an hour after taking Aerius, and here too the effect will be noticeable for about a day. To obtain Aerius, you need a prescription, for example written by your GP.

Side effects of Aerius

Many medicines have possible side effects and this also applies to the Aerius product. One of the side effects that can occur after taking Aerius, but which is rare, is fatigue. If, in rare cases, there is already fatigue after taking the drug, it is recommended to take the drug in the evening. Other possible side effects that are even less common are experiencing a dry mouth or headache and, in extreme cases, drowsiness. There is always the possibility that there is a hypersensitivity to the substance Desloratadine, and this will be noticeable in the form of a skin rash or because the allergy symptoms actually worsen. In that case the doctor can be consulted.

Buy allergy tablets; drugstore and online

Many allergy tablets do not need to be obtained via a doctor’s prescription and can therefore simply be purchased at the drugstore around the corner. If you are not sure which allergy tablets you need or which ones are best for your allergy, you can ask for help from one of the drugstore employees. You can also buy allergy tablets online. There are even websites on the internet that compare the different providers of allergy tablets, in order to clearly show where the allergy tablets are available and which provider offers them the cheapest. An example of an online supplier of allergy tablets is the online drugstore.

Therapy against insect bite allergy

Conventional medicine has developed a therapy that can be used for people who have an allergy to insect bites. This therapy has a preventive effect and the aim is to ensure that no allergic reactions occur after an insect bite, for example from a wasp. After the end of the therapy, the treated persons are immune to insect bites. For example, therapy against wasp stings consists of injecting a low dose of wasp venom into people with allergies over a period of 5 days. The follow-up treatment takes longer. An injection must be administered every six weeks for 5 years, but the result is immunity to wasp stings. Since there are people who have a life-threatening allergy to wasp stings, such therapy is definitely worthwhile for them.