The usefulness of an allergy test

Many people nowadays have to deal with an allergy. For example, people can be allergic to a certain substance, and as soon as they come into contact with this substance they start sneezing or get red bumps and thickenings on their skin. If you have these symptoms, you can find out whether you are allergic to something by having an allergy test done.

Possible symptoms of an allergy

An allergic reaction to a certain substance is often uncontrolled and fierce, which can manifest itself in many ways. Some examples of symptoms of an allergic reaction are:


Eczema is the most common symptom when an allergic reaction occurs. Eczema can also be described as an allergic inflammatory reaction of the skin, in which the skin becomes very red and blisters, flakes and bumps develop on the skin.

Hay fever

Many people are allergic to the pollen of trees and grasses. If they come into contact with this, they get hay fever, or a strong reaction of the mucous membranes of the eyes, ears or nose. If you are allergic to the pollen of trees and grasses, you also have the so-called pollen allergy, which is common in spring and summer. With hay fever it seems as if the person suddenly has a bad cold, because the person gets a runny nose and watery eyes.

To sneeze

Another common symptom of an allergy is sneezing. When people come into contact with the substance they are allergic to, they get a tickle in the nose and have to sneeze heavily several times.


Asthma is also a symptom of an allergic reaction. Asthma means that people can no longer breathe properly as soon as they come into contact with the substance, or in other words they feel as if they are suffocating.


Itching is a very annoying symptom of an allergic reaction. People scratch the areas where it itches, which actually makes it worse. The skin then becomes very red and irritated, which, in addition to being itchy, also makes it very painful.

Have an allergy test performed

If you suspect that you are allergic to something, you can go to a skin specialist or dermatologist in your area upon referral from your GP. This specializes in everything that has to do with the skin, including allergic reactions of the skin. An allergy test checks whether you have an allergic reaction to a certain substance. In most cases, an allergy test is performed in a certain way. The person performing the test will draw boxes with a number in them on both forearms. A drop of a certain substance is then placed in each box on your skin, which must remain on the skin for ten minutes. Various drops are placed on the skin, containing, for example, the substance of walnuts, strawberries, hazelnuts and animal hair. After this time it can be clearly seen whether you are allergic to one of the substances, because the skin in that particular area will feel red, thick and itchy. An allergy test is therefore done quickly and easily. Your skin may still be irritated for a while, but at least you know what exactly you are allergic to.

Take an allergy test online

If you don’t have time or don’t want to go to a skin specialist, there is still the option to take an allergy test online. You must keep in mind that an online allergy test will be less reliable than when the test is carried out on your skin by a specialist. You can perform the online allergy test on the Is Het Allergie website, among other places. Here you can test whether your complaints are caused by a possible allergy. First, you must indicate which age category you belong to and exactly what symptoms you have. After this, four questions must be answered with a simple yes or no, and then you will immediately see the results of the test. It is of course also possible that you answered no to all questions, and therefore according to the test it is not an allergy, but that you still have the complaints. When this occurs, it is wise to go to the doctor.

After the allergy test…

Once you have taken the allergy test and found out that you are allergic to a certain substance, the idea is of course to try to avoid this substance as often and as much as possible. There are also certain substances that are difficult to avoid, which means that another solution must be found. If you want to know more about this, you can ask the specialist who administered the test to you for more information, but you can also consult various websites on the internet about this.