Beautiful meditation moments

For some, meditation is a far from his/her bed show and for others it is a pleasant daily ritual. The great thing about meditating is that you can decide for yourself what you “use” it for. A condition is that you have the peace of mind to go through such a moment, but that can also be a nice learning process.


We have little or no peace at all. We live hectic lives, we have to be able to do, do and radiate as much as possible from ourselves. Which implies that you’re cramming more into your 24 hours than is actually good for you. As long as you are young, you recover quickly and such a life can be maintained for a while. But as you get older, your body naturally calls you back. It is better to find that balance earlier, that is not dull or dull, that is smart. A splurge is always possible, but you have to compensate for it and not just continue without thinking.

“Listen to your body and include it in your decisions.”

This does not mean that you have to meditate to get some rest. However, meditation can be an excellent exercise/tool to force yourself to get some rest and clear your mind for a while or put it on hold. You may get even more out of it with some practice.

Meditation moments

If you are not doing it just for rest, but are just looking for a moment of reflection or to clear your insides a bit, there are all kinds of exercises you can do that can give you that pleasant, clean and good feeling. Sit relaxed (on the floor, a cushion or on the chair), make sure that the environment cannot disturb you and concentrate. If you cannot concentrate easily, you can also place a lit candle in front of you, focus on the flame and close your eyes further and further. By the way, if you feel something itchy, you don’t have to be a statue during your meditation. Some examples of meditation sessions.

Images; sleep well

If you want to sleep in a pleasant and relaxing way, take a moment of meditation just before you go to sleep and bring up some images that you experience as positive and pleasant. These can be sun-drenched nature images, but can also be faces of your children, your partner, your parents who you care about a lot. As long as they are images that make you feel good and that have a relaxing effect. Take an image or a few images and focus on them for a few minutes. Then go to sleep.

Vacuum cleaner; clean

You can do a little tidying up and cleaning on the inside by focusing on a vacuum cleaner nozzle that you connect to your head and slowly suck out and clean up your entire body from the inside. Tackle it thoroughly and feel how the vacuum cleaner goes through your head, alternately your arms, your torso and alternately your legs and when it is cleared up, the vacuum cleaner withdraws in peace. Then you connect a kind of vacuum cleaner nozzle that gives you white healing light and experience how this fills your entire body and in addition to being clean, you also feel comfortable. A feeling that cannot be specified, just pleasant. Enjoy it.

Storm; deal with arguments

Most people are quite agitated after a heated disagreement and cannot say what they want. This meditation can help you calm down and gather your brain. Imagine that you are standing in front of the window and it is storming outside, the rain is hitting the window, lightning is shooting through the sky and the trees are having difficulty staying upright with that enormous wind. It is very intense, but because you are inside, you feel calm. Then the storm slowly decreases, little by little and for a moment you see the sun’s rays penetrate and you feel happy. The storm has passed and you have a calm and pleasant feeling about you and you are ready to open that window and let those rays of sunshine into your home.

Backpack or pouch; tidy

Imagine yourself in a relaxing environment with water, where you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether this is the sea, a lake or a river. You have a bag or bag with you and it contains some things from the past that you want to clean up but are not doing so well. Sit back and take out things from your past one by one. Watch them, experience what it does to you and let it go. Just let it float in and out of the water. If one doesn’t float away yet, then you still have to do something with it. You may not be able to let it go yet, so try again later. Let what floats away feel liberating.

Sunset; say goodbye

Most people have difficulty saying goodbye to something or someone. We are collectors, it is in our genes and so we have the greatest difficulty in doing this properly. But meditate during a sunset, facing the setting sun (if it is cold, visualize the sunset) and feel how the day slowly slips away from your hands and what that does to you. A bit of emotion that another day is over. Allow this and then let it slowly bubble inside, because a new day will automatically follow. Feel what these thoughts do to you.


Everyone has their own moment to use meditation to give something a place, a moment of reflection. But if you don’t have anything specific, just allow whatever comes your meditation path. Just see what presents itself, because something always presents itself. Clearing your head and not thinking about anything is almost a utopia. Don’t try to force yourself, that doesn’t work with meditation. After a meditation, experience the relaxation in your body and enjoy it.