Arranging the funeral and choosing a funeral director

Once a person has died, the person’s funeral must be arranged. This is usually done by the deceased’s relatives, family and friends. When a funeral has to be arranged, many decisions have to be made, many of which have already been partly determined by the deceased himself. Some see arranging the funeral as something positive that one can and should do for a loved one, but others experience it as unpleasant because they are experiencing a lot of sadness. It is best if there is one point of contact, so that there is no chaos while arranging the funeral.

Arranging the funeral

When you have to arrange a funeral, there are many things that need to be arranged and done. Once the person has died, death must be diagnosed by a doctor who must also make a statement. It is then checked whether the deceased is registered in the donor register. If so, this will be further confirmed by the family’s consent. After this, the deceased person can simply be laid out so that everyone can say goodbye, provided this is of course desired. You can of course take care of the deceased yourself, but you can also enlist the help of a funeral director. Another important point is to consult the insurance company to see whether the deceased had taken out funeral insurance. It must also be decided where the deceased will be laid out. There are people who would like to have this happen at home, others prefer to opt for a funeral home where someone is laid out in a quiet room. If you choose to engage a funeral director, the funeral will be discussed with this person.

Arranging a funeral and making decisions

Arranging a funeral is not as quick and easy as some people think. You will come across many questions that you have not thought about beforehand. Some important points to consider are the following.

Burial or cremation

It must be determined whether the deceased will be buried or cremated. Most people have already decided this themselves, so this decision no longer needs to be made. For the funeral or cremation, a beautiful coffin must of course be selected in which the deceased will be laid out and buried or cremated. Will someone read a passage during the funeral or cremation? What music will be played? Which flowers will be placed next to or on the coffin? Who carries the coffin?


Also decide with the family whether an advertisement will be placed in the newspaper or on the internet, and if so, what exactly will be included in this advertisement.

Send funeral cards

Friends and acquaintances must be informed of the death and therefore receive a letter or card. It must therefore be determined on which stationery the text should be printed, what text will be on it, etc. A list must also be made of people who will receive a letter and be invited to the funeral or cremation, provided that the deceased wanted this.

Choice of funeral director

There are many more things that need to be arranged for the funeral of a deceased person. If you think you cannot handle it yourself, it is certainly wise to hire a funeral director.

What is a funeral home?

A funeral home is a company that specializes in arranging a funeral or cremation. A funeral director is also called a funeral director, funeral director or funeral director. A funeral company arranges the funeral of a person on behalf of the surviving relatives, also known as the clients. When arranging the funeral, the funeral company must adhere to legal regulations and take into account the wishes of the surviving relatives or the wishes that the deceased person has put down on paper in advance. The entire funeral is discussed together with the surviving relatives and taken care of down to the last detail. For example, it is discussed in which coffin the deceased will lie, which funeral cards will be printed, which flowers will be placed next to or on the coffin, what clothing the deceased will wear during the funeral, what music will be played, what will be played. exactly everything will be said and so on.

Choosing a funeral home

Finding a good funeral home is often more difficult than most people think. In the Netherlands we have the so-called Funeral Delivery Act. This means that relatives can contact the funeral company they wish. There are plenty of people in the Netherlands who often feel obliged to engage a particular funeral company because the insurance they have taken out requires this, for example, but relatives are therefore free to choose a funeral company. When looking for a funeral company, it is best to search via the internet, the Yellow Pages or the telephone book because almost all funeral companies are listed here.

Choosing a funeral company based on experience

If a family member has died previously and one has had a good experience with this funeral company, in most cases this company will be chosen again. The advice and experiences of third parties are also often taken into account when deciding which funeral company to choose. However, if you have no previous experience, there are also plenty of funeral companies available via the internet, local newspapers and telephone directories and yellow pages.