How do I immediately feel happier?

Are there a lot of negative thoughts running through your head? Can’t stop worrying? Learn with this simple methodology how to effectively convert your negative thoughts into positive thoughts and become happier. This technique is widely used by hypnotherapists to break negative thought patterns and develop a positive mindset. This article helps people with low self-confidence to worry less and enjoy life more!

Self-criticism, am I good enough?

Everyone has a critical voice within them, and people who worry a lot often give that critical voice too much free rein. We allow ourselves to be criticized and demotivated, often making us our own worst enemy. Perhaps thoughts like I can’t do that or I’m not good enough or I don’t belong are running through your head. Some of these thoughts may come from our childhood, you may have picked them up from your parents when you were young, or from someone else important to you. These thoughts from loved ones were often well-intentioned (for example, to protect or defend you) but unfortunately they also reduced our self-confidence.

Your brain always answers a question

It’s inspiring to see how much you can achieve when you know you have control over your own thoughts. It’s interesting to know that when you ask yourself a question, your brain always gives you an answer. For example, if you ask yourself the question Why am I no good? you will get an answer, but if you ask yourself the question Why am I such a nice guy? you will also get an answer. This is a way to help you let go of your old beliefs and change them into beliefs that give you strength and opportunity.

From demotivating yourself to coaching yourself

  • Grab a pen and paper and think about the topic in your life that is worrying you. Write down your worries, negative thoughts, and personal beliefs. For example, you might write down: “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough.”
  • Look at your list of worries and try to discover the good intentions behind those thoughts, perhaps they are trying to protect you from something in some way.
  • Then write on a new sheet of paper a new thought or positive belief that you like much more and that will take you further. This could be, for example, “I can do this easily” or “I am more than good enough”.
  • As a final step, you will convert these positive beliefs into a positive and affirmative question. For example, “Why can I do this easily?” or “Why am I more than good enough?”. Pause for each question and write down a few points. You will see that you immediately feel a lot better. You will also get new ideas on how to tackle any problems.
  • Review your prepared list of questions and answers every day for the next two weeks, for example before you go to sleep. If you notice that you are having negative thoughts again, ask yourself the positive questions you have prepared. It will give you more positive thoughts and feelings, which will also develop your mentality more positively. This helps you stop worrying and enjoy life more!