What to do with thick hair?

Many people dream of a beautiful head of thick hair. Unfortunately, thick hair also has some major inconveniences. Not everything is as beautiful as it seems, as it turns out. But with some tips and the right care, a head of thick hair can certainly be beautiful. Many people are jealous of people with a head of thick hair. While that is actually not necessary at all. Of course, a beautiful head of thick hair is beautiful, but thick hair also has a number of major disadvantages. If you have a bad hair day then it is really bad. Then you have a haircut that seems to have exploded. In addition, thick hair needs a lot of care if it wants to look beautiful. Below are a number of tips on how you can transform your thick hair into a beautiful head of well-groomed and shiny thick hair.


Thinning your hair is advisable if you have very thick hair. You can have your hair thinned at a hairdresser, they have a special blade for this. You don’t see any of that. Thinning out your hair can cause frizz, so if you have frizzy hair, thinning out is not recommended.

To the hairdresser

With thick hair you have to go to the hairdresser more often than people with thin hair. Thick hair needs much more care. Have your ends trimmed regularly and immediately opt for a nourishing mask. At the hairdresser they know exactly what your hair needs. People with thick hair also quickly suffer from split ends, with thick hair this looks very ugly. So go to the hairdresser on time.


Thick hair is heavy, especially when it is long. There is little you can do with long and thick hair. Curls do not stay in place and other hairstyles also quickly fall out. It is best if you have your thick hair cut in layers. The layers ensure that your hair near your head has more volume, because the hair has lost the weight. The longer strands are a bit thinner, so you can do more with them. There are different types of layered hairstyles, so maybe one is for you.


If you want beautiful hair, you have to take good care of it, that applies to everyone. Whether you have thin or thick hair. With thick hair it is best to use a nourishing mask. For example, one that prevents split hair ends. Andrelon has a whole line against split hair ends. Use a hair conditioner once a week, you will see that your hair will soon look a lot nicer.

Updos, braids, etc

With thick hair, you are lucky to have enough hair to create a beautiful hairstyle. You can make a beautiful braid or put your hair up nicely. A lot is possible. You have a lot of hair, so prom hairstyles look much nicer on you than on someone with thin hair.

Cut short

Are you fed up with your thick, long hair? Maybe it would be an idea to cut it short. Not too short of course and make sure that it is thinned out, but that guarantees a beautiful look.