Epilation with thread, how do you do that?

It may sound a bit strange to epilate with thread, but it is a technique that is used quite often. The technique is best known in the Middle East and is mainly used for plucking eyebrows. How can you apply this technique yourself and epilate with thread? What should you pay attention to?

What is thread epilation?

If you suffer from unwanted hair, you can epilate it with thread. With a thread you can epilate very precisely and it is easier to remove hair in straight lines. This makes it ideal for plucking hair on the face, for example the eyebrows. The technique of epilating with wire is not easy, but it can be learned. It comes from the Middle East, but more and more Europeans are also learning the technique. It is possible to do it yourself, but you can of course also consult a beautician.

What kind of wire do you use?

Not all threads are suitable for use for epilation. It is best to use a sturdy wire. Think of cotton or yarn. A nylon thread is not a good idea, because it is much too slippery. It doesn’t matter whether you use a thick or a thin wire. Everyone has their own preferences here. Although it is true that with a thinner thread it is generally easier to remove the fine hairs.

How do you epilate with a thread?

Epilation with a thread is not easy and requires a lot of practice. It is best to first practice in a place where it is not immediately visible if something goes wrong. You can think of a leg. It’s a shame if you remove too much of your eyebrows, for example, and then end up embarrassing yourself. You can take the following steps to epilate with thread:

  • Make a circle from the wire by tying the two ends together
  • Wrap the thread around your fingers and hold the thread on both sides. Hold the thread in such a way that you can move the thread with your thumb and index finger.
  • Twist the thread several times to create small loops
  • Hold the thread on the skin where you want to epilate and move it with your thumb and index finger, causing the hairs to get stuck between the loops.
  • Now remove the thread from the skin and repeat this process.

You can find many examples of this technique on YouTube. This can be very educational, because you can actually see how to do it. This can be a bit more practical than a written text.

Are there also disadvantages?

Threaded epilation is not a numb treatment. So it can be quite painful and the skin can also be red for a while afterwards or become quite irritated. It can also take a while until you get the hang of the technique. Therefore, be careful not to accidentally pluck too many hairs.

Are there any benefits?

Because you don’t touch the skin with your fingers, it is a very hygienic way to get rid of unwanted hair. Another big advantage is that you can epilate very tight lines and that you do not have to do this hair by hair. This makes it all less painful, because you get rid of it faster.

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