Relaxation days in October

October is one of those months where you have to get used to some cold months that are coming. Summer is definitely over and, apart from possibly a few nice days, it is really a matter of everyone heading towards autumn and winter. If you set aside a few days that help you enter this period a little “softer”, it will be a little less hard and you can cope more physically and mentally.

Autumn winter

Every season has a number of aspects that stand out in a positive and negative way. We can clearly name the negative sides of autumn and winter, but these months also have plenty of aspects that you just have to want to see.

Autumn, for example, is extremely colorful. From different shades of green to different shades of brown, red and orange. They all pass by in the fall. Furthermore, autumn has a wide range of weather types. After all, the sun can still shine even though it is already chilly, the mist gives a mystical image in the morning and the wind gives that winter feeling. In winter, nature is quiet, leaves have fallen and the plants are holding their breath, as it were, because the hibernation of many animals is very interesting. When there is snow, many people enjoy it and it gives that cozy feeling around the holidays. Usually we are done with winter sometime in January, but then we still have a while.

To help you take the step from summer to autumn, there are a few relaxing days where you can prepare yourself for the colder weather, which is great for body and mind.

Summer is over

We are generally busy again in October, right after the summer holidays. Yet children already have some time off (autumn holidays) and for the adult man or woman it is nice to leave the summer behind for good and be well prepared for autumn and winter.

Source: Rita Bernhardt, Pixabay

Charging your body and mind for a few days for this period can, in addition to being beneficial, also be very useful to boost your resistance. Of course you have your preferences for some of these days, but at least make it consist of some important aspects and change as much as possible. Consider:

  • Sauna and steam baths – The sauna and some steam baths (for example the Turkish steam bath) ensure that the pores open and you become intensely clean (which also has a mental effect). The blood circulation in the skin is stimulated and if you spend a day (at least half a day) alternating between different saunas and also use infrared light, it is also extremely relaxing and good for the mind. Resting occasionally, cooling down thoroughly after the sauna and clearing your head is very important.
  • Massage and/or hot stones – Massage is good for loosening the muscles and the actions also stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Nutrients and oxygen are now brought to the body cells more quickly and waste products are removed more quickly. After a massage you are completely relaxed. If you don’t want a full massage, get a foot massage. A good foot massage is also very relaxing. The stones are about 45 degrees and give off their heat to the body. Heat penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and relaxes enormously. Waste products are removed more quickly and the effect stimulates the balance of the body.
  • Nature – Preferably you alternate intensive moments as described above with spending time in nature. Enjoy a walk in nature and it can be along the water, but it can also be in the forest or a beautifully landscaped park. Enjoy every moment and don’t overdress.
  • Food – Healthy food is fresh and preferably organic products. Think about what you should consume according to the scale of five and vary. Limit your animal fats and carbohydrates from manufactured products (not the natural sugars from fruit). Bread is okay, but your body doesn’t need too much bread at all. Have a nice fish for your omega 3.
  • Bathing – Our body responds well to bathing. Relaxing in a thermal bath (salt baths are well-known and very pleasant, but sometimes magnesium and bromide are also added), but also just swimming a few laps in a lukewarm bath is very pleasant. It boosts your spirits.
  • Algae – Although we often experience them as dirty, algae are the cleaners of the water. The algae pack cleans and nourishes and although that sounds strange, an algae pack is a very special experience. Being nicely rubbed, then the warm, sultry plastic and the blanket around it and lying wrapped up for half an hour really does something to you. Of course also very relaxing.
  • Listen – Listen to your body in everything you do. When you feel like you’re done with the sauna, go outside and lie down or take a walk. Turkish steam bath can be overwhelming for some people and take their breath away, listen to how your body reacts and build up slowly. Eat when your stomach feels like you can eat something and don’t let your nose and eyes be your guideline for whether or not to eat.

On the one hand, nothing new, but if you do this for a few days in a row, it gives that boost that can be so pleasant for autumn and winter. Then don’t forget to get enough sleep and make sure you drink enough. Not only during these days, but always. Water, tea, coffee… it all counts, but about 1.5 liters per day is generally best.

Ready for autumn and winter

Of course, shaking off summer for a few days and preparing for the winter months is not enough. You must continue a healthy lifestyle and nature and healthy food are the least important. But in that nature you also clear your head every now and then and keep moving, even during the cold months.


Nice and fresh into autumn and winter gives just that little bit extra, it is also nice and relaxing and it is part of your total resistance that you need as a person to survive this period relatively unscathed.