Hypersexuality: abnormal sexual feelings

When someone is hypersexual, the person has stronger sexual feelings than what is considered normal. Now what is normal may be a broad concept because everyone thinks differently about it. It is called hypersexuality when you or others are bothered by your sexual feelings or behavior. The cause does not always have to be an unsatisfactory sex life, it can also be due to certain medications, for example.

Strong libido

When someone has stronger sexual feelings than what is considered normal, this is also called hypersexuality. In women it is also called nymphomania and in men satyriasis. There are different opinions about what a normal libido is. This differs per culture. When you or someone else (your partner) suffers from it, it is called hypersexuality. There are obsessive feelings when it comes to sex. Hypersexuality used to be seen as a mental disorder, but nowadays the sex drive is only abnormal if it bothers you or those around you.


An abnormally high libido may be the result of an underlying problem, for example a symptom of a mental illness such as depression, dementia, borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia. It can also be a side effect of a medication, for example an anti-Parkinson drug. As a result of, for example, a brain tumor, an operation or an accident, you can suffer brain damage, which can increase your libido. Sometimes there is overstimulation in the gonads, causing the body to constantly long for sex. In a large number of cases there is an unsatisfactory sexual life.

When is it a problem?

There’s nothing wrong with having a high libido, as long as it doesn’t make you suffer. It should also not become a problem for your partner or environment. When you find it difficult to function well in daily life, or others find you too pushy or feel intimidated, then there is a problem. Maybe you feel ashamed because you hurt people with your sexual needs and you become too aggressive and regret it. Sometimes it can lead to major problems because someone files a report against you or you lose your job because you could not leave a colleague alone. Some people who suffer from hypersexuality visit a prostitute so often that they get into financial problems.


As many people with this condition get into trouble, they can become increasingly isolated from the outside world. If there is an uncontrollable desire for sex, this person can get himself into trouble by performing sexual acts in public and being avoided by the environment. Some people who are hypersexual are in relationships. It is very difficult to be monogamous because the partner does not have that much desire for sex. This usually leads to relationship problems and the hypersexual is left alone.


If there is a clear condition, such as a brain tumor or another form of brain damage, certain medications can be chosen. This also applies in the case of overstimulated genitals. In these cases, libido-inhibiting medications are prescribed. If there is a psychological cause, psychiatric treatment will usually be necessary. Long-term treatment is often required to get sexual feelings under control.


Nowadays, hypersexuality is still a taboo. It is therefore very difficult to discover that you have this condition. Therefore, there may be more people affected by it than you would expect. It can be a problem especially for men, causing their uninhibited desire for sex to push them beyond acceptable limits to satisfy their lust and perhaps even rape a woman.

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