Overcome anorexia

Overcoming anorexia is not easy. Some people claim that you can never completely cure anorexia, but others disagree. It is true that it is a long road and that a big battle has to be fought. How can you overcome anorexia? Is this even possible?

Acknowledge your problem and ask for help

It seems very easy, but practice has shown that few people recognize that they have a problem. This keeps them in a negative spiral and the problem is not solved. So admit to people what is going on and seek help. For example, go to a psychologist, GP or social worker. Don’t you dare do this? Then ask if someone from your area would like to come along. Asking for help is really necessary. You cannot overcome anorexia alone. So make sure you get enough support from people around you.

Therapy for anorexia

There are different forms of therapy to get rid of your anorexia. For example, you can have a one-on-one conversation with a psychologist or psychiatrist. You can also receive family therapy, so that everyone knows what to do. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also increasingly used for people with anorexia. This is a form of therapy in which you learn to convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts. You can also learn to adjust your diet and look at it positively. Cognitive behavioral therapy often takes the form of group therapy.

Recording eating disorders

You can also choose to be recorded. This can be done in a special reception center. There are two variants for this: one where you are only admitted during the day and one where you are in daycare day and night. An admission is often accompanied by a lot of therapy and checks. You eat together and therefore gain more control over normal eating behavior.


Sometimes an anorexia patient is prescribed medication. These could be antidepressants, for example. This medication produces serotonin. This is a substance that makes you feel better. This can help some people get rid of their eating disorder or make them see things more positively again.

Fellow sufferers

For some anorexia patients it can help to talk to fellow sufferers. They then realize that they are not alone. There are also often opportunities to talk to people who have already overcome anorexia. This can be very motivating.

Self-help for anorexia patients

There are more and more self-help websites and books. The patient then receives tips to overcome anorexia and receives targeted assignments. Self-help is usually not seen as a very good method to actually get rid of an eating disorder, but for some people it can certainly be a good incentive or a push in the right direction.

To persevere

Perseverance is the path to success. Anorexia is very persistent and even if you think you have been cured, you can still have a relapse. It is precisely at these moments that you will have to be strong. You also have to be prepared for this.

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