Consequences of anorexia

Someone with anorexia can have many physical and social consequences. Anorexia is extremely dangerous and can ultimately lead to death. Many people think that it would not happen to them, but appearances can be deceiving. Anorexia is the mental disorder that has the most fatalities. But besides death, there are also many other consequences that can be very dangerous.


Anorexia is a debilitating eating disorder with disastrous consequences. People with anorexia eat as little as possible and often vomit their food. Everything is aimed at losing weight and this can go so far that underweight is a consequence. But that is not the only consequence. Anorexia has many major dangers.

Body hair

You may suffer from hair loss. This can cause the hair on the head to become thinner and fall out more quickly. Some people with anorexia may even develop bald spots on their heads. At the same time, it may happen that more body hair grows in unwanted places. Think of hair on the back, arms and legs. Someone with anorexia often has very little energy; too little to keep your own body warm. The body can still heat up with the hair.

Fatigue and eating disorder

Food gives you energy and anyone who eats little will therefore have a shortage of energy. Chronic fatigue is therefore common. Some people therefore drink quite a lot of energy drinks.

Teeth wear out

Not all people with anorexia vomit their food, but those who do may develop problems with their teeth. The teeth can wear out, causing cavities to develop more quickly. Teeth can even fall out or rot. You can also suffer from sensitive teeth, for example when drinking cold drinks.

Menstrual problems

Menstrual problems may arise. You will then (almost) no longer have your period. This can also have long-term problems with fertility. A person can even remain permanently infertile.

Skin problems with anorexia

Your skin can dry out, causing a lot of flakes. You can also get abrasions more quickly.

Stomach and intestinal complaints

You may experience stomach and intestinal problems. You may suffer from constipation, bloating or diarrhea. Intestines can also be damaged by laxatives.

Bone problems

Anorexia can result in osteoporosis. This can cause you to suffer from joint pain. Bones can also break more quickly.

Cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular problems are very dangerous. You may start to shiver more easily, get cold more quickly and even faint. Muscles relax due to poor blood supply. It is important to remember that your heart is also a muscle and that cardiac arrest can therefore be a consequence.

Psychological consequences of anorexia

Someone with anorexia can have a worse mood and even become depressed. There are gloomy feelings almost every day. You can also become irritated more quickly and concentrate less well. Some people may also be anxious.

Social consequences

Anorexia also has many social consequences. You often isolate yourself for fear that the disease will be discovered. Situations are also often avoided, such as situations where you have something to eat together. It is also possible that arguments arise more quickly.

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