How to style your hair

Some women spend more or less time on it every day and others only take a little time for their hair when there is a party or other special occasion. But whether you use it daily or occasionally… if you are going to style your hair, at least do it the right way, with the right products.


Hair is dead and cannot be repaired once it has been damaged by, for example, a curling or straightening iron that is too hot. Despite all the nice advertisements, the nice creams and sprays will not be able to bring burnt hair back to before. Fortunately, hair always grows back, so if you accidentally have to use scissors to cut your hair, you will reach your desired length again.

Of course, prevention is better and that is possible. You have to use the right products and things sometimes go wrong or we can no longer see the forest for the trees due to the amount of products.


Heat in your hair is ideal for achieving the desired style, but heat can also be disastrous if you do not protect your hair. There is a whole arsenal of products for this that protect your hair. All brands have one or more products in their line that protect the hair. Sometimes combined with nutrition and sometimes specifically aimed at protecting the hair. See what you like, because some people prefer to work with a cream, while others prefer to use a spray.

But just as important is the device you use to style your hair. For example, there are curling and straightening irons that have ceramic plates and that is less bad for your hair. You can also make curls with a hair straightener. You will then get more of a blow in your hair, but that makes medium and long hair quite lively.

Giving nature a helping hand


There are drastic and less drastic ways to give your hair curls or waves. We are familiar with hair perming at the hairdresser or for home use. It is and remains an attack on the hair and although you can limit the attack with the right products, you must keep in mind that it is not good for your hair. With thin and fragile hair you should always be careful about using something like this, but even a full, thick head of hair can be damaged if you do not use it carefully. A good hairdresser will also protect your hair as much as possible.

Curlers or braids

But you can also opt for a less drastic remedy. Add some reinforcement to your just-washed hair and then twist braids (nice and coarse or very fine) into your wet hair or twist curlers into it. The sleep-in rollers in different sizes/thicknesses can be twisted into the hair and remain stuck in the hair without having to insert painful pins. They are also suitable for sleeping, resulting in a lot of volume and/or curl in your dried hair the next morning.


Brushing won’t give you curls and that’s true. But a good brush can help straighten your hair or let it fall inward while drying. A brush made of real hair makes your hair shine more. They are often slightly more expensive, but with proper use (and cleaning) they also last a long time.

Straighten the hair with a good brush and blow-dry with the hairdryer (pay attention to the heat, not too much) from top to bottom to let the hair dry straight and the hair cuticles to close. Take your time (not too hot so you can get it done quickly), it is better for the model you want to put in and for the quality of your hair.

Rotating brush

A new development is the brush that rotates, allowing you to create a nice stroke in your hair in a relatively simple way. In addition, such a brush also provides more shine. They are available as a separate brush, which you use with a hairdryer to dry and shape the hair, or as an electric heat brush that also dries and shapes the hair immediately. If you want something different with your hair, you also need a normal hair dryer.

Finishing touches

The finishing touch for beautifully styled hair is the scent. Everyone wants to have nice smelling hair. Not too intrusive, but at least a fresh scent. Now, in the line of your other hair care products, there is usually also hair spray that has a soft scent. Although hairspray is also available in moving form, not everyone wants to use hairspray. Then there are various hair mist products. These are sprays that you spray over the hair and give a soft scent. But if you want to make the combination with your perfume, put a tiny bit of perfume/eau de perfume/eau de toilette on the ends of your hair. The movement your hair makes provides just a little more scent.