Beauty: warm winter make-up

As we see trends everywhere, makeup is no different. Especially when we enter the colder season, other colors come into view, but also other materials. A new line here and there and above all many different options.


Basic is what counts, but designed in all kinds of ways. This is actually in stark contrast to what is normally done during a financially difficult period. Then we want to show that we are doing well and then sparkles, bling bling, etc. are all the rage. If not now, it is handled differently, the natural woman predominates and why not.

The natural look

The natural appearance is possibly the eye-catcher of the cold season. Although the natural look is not new, it has a completely different interpretation. The natural look has long been just some mascara, a little blush and gloss on the lips, the latest trend is to turn it around. The blush is the only constant, because the mascara is omitted and the lips are painted in a natural color. This means that the eyes, which are often the eye-catchers, are certainly not. They fade away and almost blend in.

Many women will have great difficulty giving up mascara, because mascara is such a piece of make-up that is always a part of it. It makes the eyes more sparkling, but that is not the intention with this trend. Everything could be just a little less.

Colors and materials

The colors for the cheeks and lips vary from soft orange/peach to warm brown. Within that range you apply blush, which you may also apply on and around the eye (in a very diluted form) and the lips get a color in the line of the cheeks and eyes. It may be applied firmly, but not allowed to shine. The natural look requires a lot of cutting and leaving natural.

Blurry look

The hazy look is blurry in every way and is actually a bit of a variation on the natural look. However, the natural look still has pink and peach tones, the hazy look only has cream/beige and brown. The eye-catcher here is the skin and if you don’t have a nice, even skin, you can get it into shape with a BB cream. Most brands have a BB cream in their range, so see for yourself which one you like in terms of texture and color (and sometimes the scent is also important).

The skin is even and you don’t actually wear blush, at most a soft brown shade to push up the cheekbones a little. The eyes are rimmed with a beige/brown eye pencil and a little warm brown mascara is applied to the ends of the eyelashes. The lips are filled in with a beige/brown lip pencil. No shine.

A touch of bling bling

We can’t resist and it’s not that strange in itself, because bling bling is always fun during the holidays, for example. Yet it is not excessive, but one part of the face is, as it were, highlighted, while the rest must remain nice and sober. Think of:

  • Make up the eyes with a warm color eye shadow and some glitter mascara at the end of the eyelashes.
  • Apply a layer of mascara to the eyes and cover the eyelids with a silver-colored or gold-colored eye shadow.
  • The face is given a light, preferably almost translucent color, with the cheeks being provided with a tiny bit of color if desired. Then apply some shimmer powder to the cheekbones.
  • Apply a warm red lipstick to the lips. Well colored and in stark contrast to the light skin.
  • Make the eyes soberly made and eyebrows stand out in a pronounced way by firmly applying a colored eyebrow cream. Also good to use if you don’t have full eyebrows anyway, because they can be seen again.

How beautiful you are!

If you don’t know what stands out about yourself – because everyone has something that stands out – look carefully in a mirror (in daylight) with your hair back and a clean face and see what you want highlighted. Maybe you have long eyelashes and you’re not even aware of them or you have beautifully shaped lips and you’ve always taken them for granted or you have beautiful high cheekbones.
We don’t know our own face differently, because we look in that mirror every day and then it becomes normal. But if you look at it in a different way, it can become clear. Involve someone if desired.


Little make-up, lots of natural beauty, it’s okay again, show your own face as it really is and maybe just add some extra accents. That’s the most beautiful thing!