No more lines!

It seems like a utopia, but if you can change your lifestyle and, in particular, your diet, then dieting is not necessary. Moreover, we all know that dieting often leads to dieting again, because you lose some kilos, but many people fall back into their old eating habits after some time. So more needs to be done than just consulting a diet book.


For most people, dieting alone is a torment. You like tasty things, but you also know that they are fattening. The only thing you know now is that you can’t have that anymore and you have to eat what the diet books say is allowed. Usually they are not the ones that make you fat and you will lose weight quickly. Euphoria when you see your weight decrease rapidly, but what has actually changed in your lifestyle?

If you want to get rid of the pain, you have to stop dieting and start listening to your body. You may call Sonja trash when you eat chips, but why shouldn’t you be allowed to have some chips for once? Of course yes, as long as everything remains within proportions and that is the crux.

Listen to your body

Actually, your body is a perfect indicator of what it needs. After all, if your body has received enough nutrition, it will indicate this and you should therefore stop eating. That sounds very simple, but it is if you take this method seriously.

Of course, saturated fats are not good and 3 out of 4 people have a carbohydrate surplus. However, if you eat healthy, which means that you take whole foods instead of white products (which also do not give you a feeling of fullness and are another reason why you continue to eat), eat unsaturated fats, get enough fluid and alcohol. within limits, in short, complies with the scale of 5, there may well be something in there that does not fit into the scale of 5. An ice cream can be delicious on a summer day, or chocolate can taste delicious with coffee (but make sure you choose the pure version with at least 70% cocoa).


But with all this nutrition, a healthy body weight depends on listening to your body. If your body indicates that you have eaten enough, stop. If you have finished your hot meal and followed it with a cup of coffee, that cup can be accompanied by something sweet. In addition to knowing that it tastes good, you may also wonder whether your body really needs it to function. If your body has previously indicated that it is completely satisfied, then the sweetness adds nothing more than a few seconds of something sweet in your mouth. Make the decision.

Enough movement

Actually the same applies to the exercise you seek, it should not be a punishment and do not do it to lose weight. If it goes slower than planned, and your body simply builds up steps (and a step can mean that you don’t lose weight for a while), this is more likely to lead to disillusionment. Exercise because it is healthy for your body and an additional benefit can be that you lose weight.


There are some rules of life that are useful to follow if you have decided to work on your health (and undoubtedly lose some kilos).

  • It is better not to use a scale or at most once a week.
  • Measure yourself in different places if you still want to lose some kilos.
  • With everything you want to put into your mouth, listen to whether your body needs it (in the beginning you have to consciously pay attention to this, but after a while it becomes second nature).
  • Use the motto for your body: full is full
  • Find a form of exercise that you like/that suits you.
  • Set your own course, leave well-intentioned advice for what it is.


The balance in your head and your body is so important and that is true. But by consciously dealing with nutrition, you will automatically learn where that balance lies. Don’t take it too hard, but move smoothly and lightly and make a sport of it.