Get started yourself; making birth and wedding sugars

What could be more fun than thanking your maternity visitors or wedding guests with a homemade, unique gift?! You don’t necessarily have to be a creative person to make nice presents. Do you secretly have two left hands, but you don’t want to show it? Then quickly read the tips and surprise your guests with an exceptional gift. Birth and wedding sugars owe their original name to the sweets contained in them, hence the name sugars. These sweets can be, for example, almond beans or candy hearts. Nowadays, however, these sweets no longer play the leading role exclusively. The sugars in the wedding sugars in particular are often replaced by other gifts, such as cuddly toys, photo frames, figurines, engraved pens or glasses, flowers or other original (homemade) favors.

Start on time

Making your own thank you notes takes time. Depending on the number of guests, it could take days or weeks. It is therefore important that you include making thank you notes in your planning during pregnancy or in the run-up to your wedding. Always count on a few extra days, because the search for suitable material can take a lot of time. There is a good chance that you will have to visit several hobby and fabric stores and delivery times on the internet can also vary from a few days to weeks.

The design

The big advantage of getting started yourself; You decide exactly what your thank you notes will look like. Consider the color, size, shapes, attributes, ribbons, texts and costs. Also consider what type of wedding sugar you would like, because there is a lot of choice. Think of sugar beans, bacon, chocolate or candy hearts. The many options you have can also confuse you somewhat, because what exactly do you want? The offer on the internet, among other things, is enormous, so make use of it. Get inspiration and ideas by visiting online shops and make a list of your wishes and requirements.

Presentation of the thank you notes

You can present birth sugars on, for example, a miniature stroller, rocking chair or crib. You can rent these from various businesses that specialize in birth sugars. You can also stack them in the shape of a cake and place them in a lined basket. The same applies to bridal sugar, which can also be placed in the shape of a bridal bouquet. So you can go in any direction with the presentation. This also applies to this; be inspired and see what the possibilities are.


You can of course proceed in different ways, but it is useful to at least think about the following points in advance:

  • Costs; Consider what your maximum budget is for the thank you gifts and leave room for unforeseen costs. As soon as you think you can get started, it often turns out that you have forgotten something or don’t have enough of something.
  • The number of guests; it makes a difference whether you have to make 25 thank you cards or put together 400. A design often seems simple in a photo or in your mind, but how simple is the design really? Try to retrace the assembly steps. How long does it take you to get one thank you? How practical is the design? After 100 pieces, do you still feel like making 300 more?
  • The colours); traditional pink or blue for birth sugars or wedding sugars in the color of the groom’s bouquet and tie. It’s entirely up to you. Consider which colors you prefer and see what is available in terms of materials.
  • The store; of course you can get a lot of materials from the local craft store, especially when it comes to fabrics. Xenos, Kruidvat, Blokker or Action also often have nice things that can serve as ingredients for the thank you gifts. There may even be a special store in your area where they only sell birth and wedding sugars and the associated materials. Don’t forget the possibilities of the internet. Online shops and sellers on Marktplaats or Marktplaza in particular offer nice (new!) materials for little money.


Enlist family, friends and acquaintances to help. After all, many hands make light work and this saying is especially true when it comes to large numbers of thank yous. Select the auxiliary troops based on patience and precision, because some friends will no longer see the fun after thank you number ten. The result is sloppy work and you naturally want to avoid that.

Tip Make it a fun day! Put on some nice (sing-along) music and prepare some snacks and drinks. A pleasant atmosphere only benefits labor productivity. Of course, be careful not to tamper.

An experience richer; crea bride speaking

I like to get started myself. Last year I designed and made the birth announcements for my son myself, which was fantastic to do. Three years ago I made my own wedding sugars and this was also a fun experience. A few weeks before the big day, I started doing some research on the internet. There were 250 bridal showers planned, so it had to be a fun and practical design. After gaining a lot of inspiration, I knew what I wanted. The thank you notes would be white, combined with dark purple elements. Our bridal table also had these colors, so that would be a nice match. I also wanted white sugar beans that I wanted to place in a small bowl with hearts. Materials such as lace, tulle and ribbons also had to be dark purple and white. I bought a white boa at a fabric store, from which I pulled out the feathers and used them separately for decoration. I ordered the sugar beans on the internet, as well as some materials such as the bowls and cards for the thank you text. I got the tulle at a fabric store.

My sister-in-law immediately offered to help. On a Saturday evening I went to my parents-in-law with all the materials and before I knew it, six of us were making wedding sugars. Family and friends all wanted to try putting one together. The results were great! In the end we spent two evenings working on it and it remained fun until the last bridal shower.

I bought a white basket at Xenos and covered it with white tulle. I covered the inside with dark purple tulle. I removed the stems from white fake roses, also from the Xenos, and pressed them between the reeds of the basket. I secured the tulle with staples. The result was unique!

Enthusiasm is the key word

After reading this article, are you still enthusiastic about getting started yourself and are you not afraid of a little manual labor? Then it is really something for you to make your own birth or wedding sugars. Think beyond the traditional thank you notes and add your own unique touch. This way your guests will leave with a nice memory!

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