Bikinis for large and small breasts

Buying a new bikini is of course a lot of fun, but for some women this is not as enjoyable as it should be. For example, there are women with breasts that are too large or too small, making it more difficult to find a well-fitting model. In addition, it can be very annoying to show up in a bikini if you think that your breasts are too small. Perhaps these tips can help you.

Nice bikinis for larger cup sizes

A few years ago it almost seemed that women with a slightly larger cup size did not have the right to walk around in a bikini. Bikinis with cup sizes above D were almost impossible to find and when they were found, they had a solid color and a simple design. Good news for women with a larger cup size; these days are over!

Bikinis in lingerie sizes

Previously, separate sizes were established for bikinis. The collection often only ran up to cup size 85D. Nowadays there are more and more bikini manufacturers who adopt the entire range of cup sizes for lingerie for the bikini collection. This means that there are also very nice bikinis available in, for example, sizes 75E or even 75G. Nowadays there is a nice, trendy bikini for every cleavage!

Also push up in larger cup sizes

Push up bras and bikinis make many women feel more confident. Initially, push-up bikinis only came in smaller cup sizes, but it soon became apparent that there was also a huge need for push-up bikinis among women with a larger cup size. The producers responded to this. Push-up bikinis are also coming onto the market in increasingly larger cup sizes.

The push up bikini works wonders

To be fair, not every woman has a cup size that she is completely satisfied with. Just as there are now bikinis for women who suffer from breasts that are too large, there are now also bikini tops on the market for women who experience problems because their breasts are too small. Of course, you yourself are more bothered by the idea that your breasts are too small than someone else. That’s why it’s so nice that the push up bikini gives this self-image a makeover!

Win a whole cup size!

Whether you have cup A, B, C or larger, wearing a push up bikini will make the cup one size bigger. The breasts are pushed in from the firm sides, making them sit higher and closer together in the top. Because the breasts are pushed up, a beautiful curve is formed above the top and by pressing the breasts slightly together a beautiful cleavage is created. Of course you still have the same cup size, but at a glance your breasts are certainly one cup size larger!

Full self-confidence

Women who are not satisfied with their breasts affect their entire posture. They throw the shoulders forward, making the breasts less noticeable. Especially if you think your breasts are too small, this will certainly not improve their size. The self-confidence that the push up bikini gives you will automatically make you walk upright, with your shoulders back and breasts forward. You will definitely make an impression on the beach or in the pool!

Trying on a bikini

Especially when you try on a bikini in a store, you don’t want to just step into the bikini without wearing anything underneath. First of all, it feels very naked to undress completely, knowing that there are plenty of people on the other side of the curtain. In addition, it is not very hygienic, not for you and not for others.

Three passes

It is not unusual to try on a number of bikinis before choosing one. You also have to try on the right size. Keep in mind that several people have probably already tried on the bikini, especially without underwear underneath! Of course, you don’t want to do this to the passer after you. Therefore, adjust your underwear to fit a bikini before you go shopping.

Thin underwear

If you want to go out and pick out a new bikini, wear thin underwear at home. Keep the bra as thin as possible and do not choose one with underwires or padding. Make it as natural as possible, so that your own breast shape is preserved. Grab a pair of panties or a thong. This way you can try on a bikini in a hygienic way and you don’t have to size up because you are wearing lingerie underneath.