The most popular bikinis

Bikinis have been around for years and they remain hip and trendy. Yet more and more models are being added and you need more and more courage to dare to wear a particular model. There is the bikini with thong and g-string. Do you dare? And why are these bikinis so popular? Of course you can also stick to the trendy bandeau bikini!

The bandeau bikini

Years ago, we had a trend with the bandeau swimsuit. It was therefore certainly expected that a bandeau bikini would soon come onto the market and now this new trend is available everywhere!

Bandeau bikini

With a bandeau bikini, the shoulders remain completely free of straps. This has the advantage that you are not bothered by white edges when you put on a shirt with a wide neck. In addition, it will never happen to you that you get a nasty burn on a white strip of skin because your band was placed slightly differently than last time. The top of a bandeau has only a drawstring from the center around the neck, or no drawstrings or straps at all. This requires that the bikini fit perfectly.

The right size

When shopping for a bandeau bikini, it is definitely advisable to fit the top properly. Many women are inclined to choose a top that is too tight, for fear that it will slip off their breasts every time they dip into the water. However, this is not necessary. The bandeaus are designed not to fall off. A model that is too tight is uncomfortable and causes annoying bubbles along the edges. Don’t go for a model that is too large, because then there is a good chance that you will lose the bandeau while swimming!

G-string bikinis

The string bikini first appeared on the beach in 1974 and at the time it offended many people. It would be too naked, too sexy for public. Times are changing and nowadays we go one step further. If you want to look completely hot, walk on the beach with a G-string bikini!

Less is more

We all know the saying less is more and if anything applies to the G-string bikini, then that is it. The less you wear, the better it is. The G-string goes just a step further than the string bikini. With the latter model you often have a wider top edge, a triangle on the tailbone and a wide triangle at the front. The G-string has none of these. The point is to cover as little as possible. The sides almost always consist exclusively of a thin cord, the back also consists entirely of cord and at the front the covering piece of fabric is kept as small and narrow as possible.

Do you dare?

Although the G-string bikini has been on the market for several years, we do not see it much on the beaches. It also takes a lot of courage to put this on and, above all, to feel comfortable with it. The G-string bikini is beautiful, simple, small and super sexy. Just a little too sexy for some women.

The string bikini

The thong has been a very popular item of clothing in the lingerie world for years. It was therefore expected that bikinis would also come onto the market with a thong instead of regular pants or skirt. It takes some courage to put it on, but once you get used to it you can enjoy an incredibly sexy bikini set.

In the thong to the beach

The string bikini is definitely not a garment for prudish women. And, let’s be honest, you’ll have to get used to it too. You don’t walk on the beach with your almost bare bottom every day. Still, once you get the hang of it, you will choose the sexy string bikini over the regular bikini. The model of the string bikini must of course suit your figure and your own style.


Thong bikinis come in different models. Of course, all bottoms consist of thongs, but the tops can differ greatly from each other. You have tops in the shape of triangles, with and without strings, bandeaus, underwire tops and halter tops. This also allows you to combine endlessly. But, as mentioned, you do need the courage to step onto the busy beach in a thong.