Heat stroke (heliosis)

Heat stroke is usually caused by the loss of salt and fluid. If you sit in the sun for too long and the temperature rises above 42 degrees, your body can no longer cope and it may even collapse.

A sunstroke

Heatstroke can be very dangerous. It is therefore always important to use a hat or parasol against the sun. Normally the body responds well when your body becomes heated, you sweat and you get thirsty. Older people and overweight people are the risk groups.


  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Pass out
  • Sudden high fever
  • Rapid pulse
  • Accelerated breathing
  • Hallucinations
  • Cramps
  • Coma
  • Passing away


Heat stroke can make someone very ill. It is very important not to sit in the hot sun too much. The symptoms may last for several days. It is important to take a lot of rest so that your body can recover properly.

Sun power

Sun power

Description in the weather forecast

Not protected in the sun for longer than … minutes

Skin burns

1 – 2

Almost no

100 – 50

3 – 4


35 – 25

5 – 6


25 – 15


7 – 8


15 – 10


7 – 10

Very strong

Less than 10

Very fast

Skin types

Skin type

Combustion experience

Tanning experience


Protection factor


Burns very quickly

Does not turn brown

Very fair skin, often freckles, red or light blond hair, blue eyes



Burns quickly

Turns brown slowly

Light skin, blond hair, gray, green or light brown eyes



Does not burn quickly

Tans easily

Light skin, dark blond to brown hair, fairly dark eyes



Almost never burns

Tans very well

Naturally tanned skin, dark hair, dark eyes



If someone has heatstroke, they may become delirious and even lose consciousness. Place the person in the shade and give him a glass of water with a little salt in it. When the person regains consciousness, he/she should put the outer clothing back on to prevent hypothermia. It is important to call emergency services because this is a serious condition. To prevent heatstroke, cover your neck and head with a cap. Drink plenty of water and if it is too hot, stand in the shade. If it is very hot outside, take plenty of cooling. If you want to work in the garden, it is better to do it in the morning or in the evening when it is slightly cooler than the tropical temperatures in summer.

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