Being lazy is really (not) a sin!

Being lazy is seen as a bad trait, it is even one of the seven sins, but is being lazy really that bad? That turns out not to be so bad! Being lazy is healthy, to a certain extent. Sitting at home and receiving benefits when you should be looking for a job is clearly not the right kind of laziness, so living in a domestic dump is also the wrong kind of laziness, but then what is good?

The benefits of laziness

Being lazy has many advantages, we assume that it is a healthy kind of laziness, would you like to refuel on the couch or in the sun after a morning of cleaning? Fine! Do that by all means! It is good for your peace of mind, you are less stressed and even wounds heal faster with sufficient rest. An experiment has shown that wounds during the holidays heal 40% faster than wounds that have to heal during a busy exam or at your busy job. So your body will improve, and if you go through life efficiently and effectively, it will also be good for peace of mind and a low stress level! This will also make you less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Famous laziness

Well, you have them everywhere, but you don’t become famous by sitting still, so laziness here has a clear function or reason and therefore cannot be a thoroughly bad laziness: Being known for being lazy and then also are known for the work you do… That is effective laziness, efficient laziness, not bad laziness, here are some examples:

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (who doesn’t know him) was known at school for being very lazy, he was sloppy with his work, just barely paying attention, didn’t listen well. In short, every teacher’s nightmare! However, they mistook his laziness for simply being lazy, not feeling like it, being unruly, while in reality the learning material was far too easy for Einstein and he was therefore bored, which manifested itself in sloppy work and… Yes…’ laziness’. See here: The source of the laziness is bad, but the laziness itself is only a sign of lack of stimulation, the lack of thinking, a kind of laziness that is not bad because he had no other choice. And Einstein is certainly not the only one who would have had this problem.

Rene Descartes

Then we have Descartes, mathematician and philosopher, he also contributed to physics and physiology and in his last years was the philosopher of Queen Christina, RenĂ© always walked around in his pajamas and never got out of bed before twelve o’clock, until this time, he spent his waking bedtime in a meditative state that he also considered the most productive of the day.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, British statesman who, as Prime Minister, played a major role in Hitler’s downfall, never got out of bed before 11 o’clock, where he spent his time reading the newspaper and mail and was happy to order his chambermaids around .

So you see, laziness doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It totally depends on how you decide to organize your day, does this laziness make you more productive later in the day? Then this is good, or is laziness purely due to the fact that you complete your work quickly and efficiently and you have time left over? What’s bad about that?

Am I wrongly lazy or rightly lazy, here is the test

  1. To ask yourself whether you are being lazy in the right way or not you actually have to turn the question around. Write down for yourself what tasks you still have to do, once you have finished, ask yourself the following questions:
  2. Which things are really important? Do I really have to walk my guinea pig today or is that not that important? And what about that garbage bag? Does it really have to go or can I resist that swarm of flies? The purpose of this question is to see if the matter improves your life, because everyone’s goal is to live the best life possible… Doesn’t it? Walking the guinea pig will not be that important, but that swarm of flies (and the smell) is annoying, so you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, this is an important task, this task will improve your mood once you are done.
  3. Above all, ask yourself what the consequences are if you don’t carry out the task: Your guinea pig will enjoy gnawing on a piece of lettuce, it doesn’t care whether it is let out or not. However, that dirty garbage bag can have nasty consequences, it attracts more and more flies that cause maggots, the stench, poor hygiene, you don’t want that, so clean up that mess!
  4. And don’t forget to ask yourself: Would I be satisfied at the end of the day if this is the only task I completed? If the answer is no: Then you are dealing with bad laziness, so get out of that chair and get to work! If the answer is yes, then you probably have your affairs in order and you certainly have the right to relax in that easy chair with your bag of chips and the X factor.

So remember: Make sure you are working towards a GOAL, such as a clean house or a nice life without stress, organize your day in such a way that you do not burden yourself with unnecessary things, be efficient and effective and laziness will slowly but surely disappear. become part of your life, but stay alert! A person is a creature of habit, don’t let laziness take over your life, always keep asking yourself the following questions!

Anti laziness pill, laziness museum and slave-driving ants

The world is diverse, the world is strange, cruel, beautiful, stressful, relaxed… And full of people who are pushing themselves to the limit. There are also people in this world who think they can solve laziness in the future with a pill! Yes… But is this really so useful? As mentioned before, laziness is very effective, but for those who are wrongly lazy this might be a solution… Who knows! However, some people actually think that people should be encouraged to be lazy, including Marcella Arietta, curator of museums in Bogota, Colombia, a busy city with 7 million inhabitants, always in a hurry, always busy, nowhere to rest. Marcella Arietta decided to challenge the bad name of being lazy, she founded a museum… Not full of works of art, no: Full of beds, bean bags, relaxing chairs, music and TV… Rest… Lots of rest, be lazy and do nothing! For a video, take a look here.

There are also animals in the animal world that would rather be lazy than tired. Ants are known to be hard workers, but not the Polyergus Samurai, they will happily raid a nest of other ants, kidnap some to serve as slaves and literally work until they drop. Once the supply of slaves runs out, they simply raid another nest where they repeat the process.