Stretch marks: we continue!

Stretch marks, also called stretch marks, are caused by tearing of the subcutaneous connective tissue. This happens because your skin stretches too much in too short a time. You often see this in people with a sudden weight gain, intensive strength trainers, during a growth spurt or in pregnant women. Stretch marks look like purple-red stripes on the skin. Over time these become whiter, making them appear to fade slightly. Most people tear not only their skin, but also their heart when they see their stretch marks.

Stretch marks

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To prevent stretch marks, you should try to keep your skin as supple as possible. You can do this by smearing yourself with a greasy cream or oil. It is advisable to massage your skin at the same time. This promotes blood flow and keeps the skin healthy and vital. There are many different remedies available for prevention. You can use standard products such as oil, udder ointment or a body lotion. Various brands have also developed specialized ointments and creams that claim to prevent and cure stretch marks. A tip is to scrub your skin well first. This removes dead skin cells and allows the cream, etc., to penetrate better and deeper into the skin.

Many people also swear by vitamin E. This is a highly fat-soluble antioxidant, which can easily reach the fatty underlayers of the skin. Vitamin E is good for your blood supply and therefore also for the health of your skin. It is available in different forms. For example, you can use it as a cream, but also take it as capsules.

Just like the ones mentioned above, drinking enough water also contributes to healthy skin. Just like eating enough fruit and vegetables.

If you are pregnant, supportive clothing and a sturdy bra can also help.

Unfortunately, the appearance of stretch marks is not our fault; it is genetically determined. So you can usually tell from your parents and other family members whether you will also get it. But don’t let this deter your hope! Rather, use this as incentive to try harder to prevent it. Every little bit helps! Start applying the lubricant early, because once they are there, the chance that you will remove them is minimal. If you are strength training, be careful not to grow too quickly. Many pregnant women react dejectedly as soon as they see that despite everything, they still have stretch marks. See, it doesn’t help. It cannot be prevented. No, it cannot generally be prevented, but you can limit it! And maybe for you it is just that little bit that keeps it away!


Truly completely effective means/methods to heal stretch marks have not yet been discovered. Most people immediately give up hope when they hear this message. They forget that by doing so they only reinforce that fact. Stretch marks are actually scars. Many people often discover, over the years, that an old scar has faded somewhat or even disappeared. With the right care you can promote or encourage this. With stretch marks, the collagen bands in the connective tissue are stretched or torn. During pregnancy, it is therefore wise to continue to take good care of your skin during the first three months after giving birth. In fact, you are helping your skin regain its original state. Corrective underwear also helps keep your stomach (skin) together. Soon the scars will harden and then there is virtually nothing that can be done about it.

As said, every little bit helps. So there are people who, despite everything, continue to apply intensive cream. These people experience greater improvement with age! There are even people who claim to have been partially or even completely freed from it. These people understand that the healing process takes a lot of time and effort, but do not give up hope and believe in the power of their body.


The fact remains that most stretch marks remain. If it can be cured, it will take a lot of effort and time. Hopefully the day will come when they discover the ultimate cure or therapy. Until then, we’ll have to live with it. For many people, getting stretch marks is a hard blow to their lives. Especially among pregnant women, there are reactions like oh well, you get something nice in return. Many people don’t understand that saying this can actually hurt. After giving birth, many pregnant women no longer dare to put on a bikini or a short shirt. They feel alone and isolated. This is a shame. Because it is true that it was for something beautiful! Actually, you should be proud of it! Taking that step is difficult, but maybe if you are the first, you will see that you are not the only one. There are so many people who suffer from stretch marks, why are they still ashamed of them? Even if we just showed it all, no one would be surprised anymore. It’s part of life and it’s extremely normal.

Give yourself time to get used to the image! Try not to focus on it, but look at yourself as a whole. If you are not completely at peace with it yet, you can always mask it a bit with the right choice of clothing. Taking continuous measures, from applying anointing/massaging yourself to expensive therapies, will certainly yield some results in the long run. Although this is minimal, every little bit can help. Because you live in the present, you will have to learn to look at it with a positive eye. Over time they are often no longer noticeable and for pregnant women it is a sign of true womanhood!