Beauty: beautifying the mouth

We cannot ignore it, the mouth is an eye-catcher and this means that a man or woman with a beautiful mouth – if something sensible comes out of it – quickly has an advantage over the unkempt mouth. But without too much nonsense, you can do everything necessary to beautify the mouth yourself.


The basis for everything is hygiene, because without hygiene your mouth can still look beautiful, but that is really the end for most people.
In practice, this means that it is normal for you to brush your teeth and also clean between the teeth thoroughly using toothpicks or dental floss. This ritual preferably takes place after the meal, but at least in the morning and evening hours.

Besides the fact that clean teeth look better, it is also essential for maintaining your teeth. If you keep your teeth clean, bacteria will not have the opportunity to eat holes in your teeth and you can also easily brush away the discoloration caused by coffee, tea, wine, etc. If necessary, gargle with mouthwash to finish it off and the mouth will be fresh and clean again.


It is a blessing to have naturally beautiful, well-fitting teeth, but unfortunately not everyone has this. Nowadays you see many children (or adults) wearing braces to get their teeth back in order. Sometimes you even have to pull a bit to give them space. If you have a hereditary condition, for example with a small jaw and relatively large teeth, it may be difficult for your teeth to keep them neatly in a row. Extracting one or more teeth and then putting on braces is often a solution to make crooked teeth beautiful again.

In addition to being beautiful, it is also a lot more functional. After all, if you have straight teeth you don’t always think about it, but your teeth are much better and easier to keep clean if your teeth are neatly lined up next to each other. Any teeth that are in front of or behind another can grow bacteria in that spot if you don’t clean them properly. This can also happen unconsciously, for the simple reason that you cannot reach it properly.


While years ago we used to walk with large iron fences in and sometimes outside the mouth, this is often no longer necessary. Sometimes a kind of night brace can be a solution, but often you see neat white plates that are stuck to the teeth. The material is a bit more fragile and expensive, but looks significantly better. In addition, you also have the locks that are actually placed at the back of the teeth. Because the inspection must take place at a higher frequency, the costs are also slightly higher.


For many people, the color is important. Teeth that are too yellow, naturally, due to medication or due to deposits, can be refreshed with whitening. The special toothpastes are a little abrasive and can cause some damage to something on the outside. The bleaches at the drugstore can actually turn some colors of lights, but there are some drawbacks to that as well. For example, it can penetrate through leaking fillings or at the edges of the gums. If you really want whitening, it is best to have it done at the dentist. It is not permanent, as you will have to repeat the activity periodically if you want to maintain the lighter color.


The dentist will have to solve real damage using crowns, veneers, etc. The dentist can often repair smaller damage (a small corner missing, for example) without expensive means.


If you cannot get rid of a bad odor with normal remedies, find out whether it is caused by your diet. Changing this may reduce the odor. Another possibility is the bacteria on the tongue. If it cannot be cleaned properly, try using the tongue scraper. A simple device that you put over the tongue and which cleans the tongue.


But it doesn’t stop with the teeth, because the lips are just as important. Many women put something on it. This can be a nice color, but also a pure caretaker that keeps the lips soft and supple. There are also more and more men using this, and why not. It is the care of the lips and nothing looks as unkempt as all kinds of skin and cracks on the lips. To properly care for the lips, it is useful to use a care product that contains a UV filter. This keeps harmful sunlight out and the lips remain nice and supple.


Do you suffer from lines around your lips and still want a color on your lips? Then make sure you draw a line on the edge of your lips with a pencil in the same color and then fill the lips with lipstick.