Chemo bombs. Chemotherapy method, how does it work?

Chemo bombs or chemo bombs. It is a new method of chemotherapy to treat cancer. Chemo bombs treat the cancer locally. A lot of research still needs to be done before the therapy can be applied, but this therapy offers many possibilities for the future. What is the difference with regular chemotherapy and chemobombs? Cancer patients suffer many side effects during chemotherapy because the entire body is treated with aggressive substances. The many healthy dividing cells are also killed by aggressive chemo. The side effects are very serious. Nausea, vomiting, hair loss, pain Chemo bombs consist of fat particles that contain these aggressive substances and the substances used for chemotherapy then work locally, in the tumors. The substances reach the tumors via the bloodstream and act from the inside on the aggressive cancer cells by detonating the fat particles. Hence the name ‘bombs.’ The explosion is caused by heating and temperature differences. The chemo then only attaches to the dividing cells in the area, the tumor.

Chemo bomb, what is that?

A chemo bomb is a method of chemotherapy that only treats the cancer itself. Researchers from the Netherlands, Germany and the US are working together to further develop the chemo bomb. Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, for example, are participating in this. It is not yet known when the new method will have been sufficiently tested to be applied to cancer patients. More tests need to be done first, but this new method sees many opportunities for the future. The chemo bombs combine two existing treatments, namely chemotherapy and hyperthermia. In hyperthermia, tumor cells are heated, causing them to die.

How does it work?

The chemotherapy is packaged in small fat particles (chemo bombs). These fat particles are transported to the cancer cells via the bloodstream. Once they reach the tumors, they are detonated by heating. The bombs are therefore only detonated once they have reached the tumor. That’s where chemo does the work locally. The scientists who devised the chemo bomb argue that thanks to this new method, the medicines to fight cancer will work in a much more targeted manner. There will also be far fewer negative side effects from chemo treatment. So this appears to be a very important step in the development of cancer treatment.


Chemotherapy is a collective name for different types of cancer treatments, which use different combinations of substances to fight cancer. The treatment depends on the type of tumor and the location of the tumor. The difference in concentrations of the substances and the frequency of treatment both influence the success of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy often has many serious and destructive side effects. Sometimes chemotherapy is like shooting a (dangerous) mosquito with a cannon. Chemotherapy mainly affects dividing cells and therefore also destroys healthy dividing cells. The patient often becomes very ill and therefore has to recover from the serious side effects.

Fewer side effects of chemo bombs

In the future, chemotherapy via chemo bombs will probably offer the possibility of treating the tumors locally, so that the side effects will no longer be as serious as with regular chemotherapy. It will also likely be possible to use higher concentrations of aggressive substances to combat tumors. A very hopeful development.

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