Cracks and fissures

Cracks are caused by dehydration and are recognizable as cracks in the skin or mucous membrane. Cracks often occur in winter, and more often in women than in men. The skin must be lubricated a lot, this is done with a greasy ointment.


Fissures, or rhagade, are cracks in the skin or mucous membrane. Anyone who has ever had a crack or fissure knows how painful they can be. Cracks are most common on hands and feet, but clefts are also often seen in the corners of the mouth. A gap can really hurt and hinder the person in his actions.

To arise

Cracks often occur in winter, and more often in women than in men. The dry air dries out the skin. But the skin also dries out if you come into contact with water a lot. After all, water removes moisture from the skin. On hands and feet where there are calluses, this thickened skin can easily tear, causing the underlying skin to tear open. The torn skin hurts. Cracks often return even after they have healed.


The skin must be lubricated a lot, this is done with a greasy ointment. This way the skin remains supple and is also protected against drying out. Look carefully at what is used: a cream is based on water and fat, an ointment is based on only fat. An ointment is therefore certainly preferable. It is also advisable to spend as little time as possible with your hands in the water or to wear protective rubber gloves. Sweaty feet must be combated and also change socks and shoes regularly.


Try to prevent cracks as much as possible by not giving dryness and humidity a chance. So avoid water, if possible, and also dry air. Dry air mainly occurs in winter, outside, but also inside. When the heating is on, dry air quickly develops. Therefore, install humidifiers. It is better not to set the heating too high in the car. or point the blowers at the window. Do not direct the dry air towards the body. Apply thoroughly to dry skin several times a day. 8 to 10 times is not too little at all. Better to have too much than too little.


Perleche involves inflamed fissures in the corners of the mouth. This is caused by dentures that do not fit properly. Licking the corners of the mouth only worsens the inflammation. In the worst case, the corner of the mouth tears out: this is very painful. The treatment consists of administering agents that combat the bacteria or yeast. Furthermore, the dentures should be checked.

Cracked lips

Chapped and cracked lips are common, especially in winter. This is because the lips do not have sebaceous glands and cannot lubricate themselves. Lips are therefore extra sensitive to chapping. By using a lip balm, you can prevent a lot of misery. In any case, apply every time before you go out into the cold winter air. It is advisable to keep the air moist in the house. Licking your lips only worsens the dehydration. A lip balm based on cocoa butter is definitely recommended. Lip balms with glitter and all kinds of colors may be nice to look at, but keep in mind that they also have added value and also protect the lips from drying out.