Infobesity, information addicted

Infobesity is a new disease in which people are addicted to constantly requesting new information. When gathering new information, some people think they can rule out many problems and escape normal everyday life. This article describes how this occurred and how it can be prevented and cured.


Someone who has the disease Infobesity is constantly looking for new information. This information can be about anything, such as information from news reports, information about what friends are doing at that moment or, for example, information about a new game on the internet. Basically there is never enough information. People with Infobesitas can spend hours on the internet and gather information late into the night. Over time, dark circles or bags appear under the eyes, which is the result of excessive fatigue.

Information in the past and information now

The information that people used to have to process in a day was dozens of times less than it is today.
Nowadays there is much more work that has to be done with the brain and for which a lot of information and knowledge is required. When we talk about the number of images per hour, it concerns hundreds of images and thousands of images, which we have to process more per day than before. . When one realizes how many images the brain now has to process in a day, it is actually incomprehensible and no longer normal. Yet generations adapt to this and brains also become more active than generations before us. Human brains and heads have also become larger than generations before us. This can of course be explained logically as we consider that in the past there was much more manual labor and much less information that one had to absorb in order to participate in society.

Trends and hypes

Compared to the past, there are a lot of new trends emerging these days. There is something new almost every month. Of course, it is up to each individual whether they go along with it. The fact is that people who have infobesity follow everything and cannot part with it. The trends are often over after a month, while the other trend may linger for a few years. Someone who is infobesity no longer looks closely at what information is still important to him. As long as it is information, infobesity is satisfied.

Consequences of infobesity

The consequences of infobesity are sleep deprivation and fatigue. When an infobesity constantly collects information, it becomes increasingly difficult to divide attention between other things. These consequences also have consequences for the ability to concentrate. An infobesity has increasing difficulty concentrating.

Images and information in the media

The images via normal media such as television and radio are not even the biggest culprits in themselves. The biggest causes of the disease infobesity are the latest trends such as the constant collection of information via the iPhone and the mobile internet. These new ways of providing news further fuel this disease because it is available at any time. The news is often read by direct contacts within groups of friends. These news are often completely irrelevant and in this sense this new form of communication completely misses its purpose.

Preventing infobesity

Infobesity can be prevented by becoming aware of your behavior on the internet in time. Officially, one must take a small break every half hour with someone sitting behind the computer. If denied, an infobesity will not get much further and will continue to slide into mountains of information that is in fact of no use to the person in most cases. To prevent infobesity, selectively select the news that is really important. Don’t be distracted by information you don’t need, and if that is the case, try to put it into perspective.

Cure infobesity

Curing infobesity is not a medicine, although a little common sense can of course go a long way. If you notice that you cannot distance yourself from the internet on your phone, the internet on your PC and constantly want to consume information, use your common sense to switch off this equipment for a few days and concentrate on everything. other things that have nothing to do with new information. A form of expression such as sports, singing or pursuing a hobby that uses your hands and not your head can help with this.