To gain weight

Gaining weight is not easy in the beginning. Eating habits and lifestyles will have to be broken in order to gain weight healthily. It is highly advisable to take the time to do this for a good and healthy result that can benefit from it in the longer term.

To gain weight

Nowadays we are bombarded with information and advertising in the media to lose weight. The percentage of people who are overweight in the Netherlands is more than people who are underweight. For this reason, it can be extra difficult to gain weight. It is important to first look carefully at the causes of why you are underweight. It is also wise to first take stock of where you currently stand with your weight, set a target weight and then make a step-by-step plan. Take your time to do this. People who think they can gain weight quickly are wrong. This can be hard if you are still in the early stages, but patience is a virtue.

There are ways to gain weight very quickly, but these can be very bad for your heart. It must also be taken into account that the faster you gain weight, the faster it will be lost. It is wise to look at your lifestyle to determine what you can change to achieve weight gain.

BMI Meter

BMI meter stands for Body Mass Index .

To know where you currently stand with your weight, there is a BMI meter. The BMI meter shows the ratio between weight and height of your body. There is also an ideal weight for age and height with a minimum and a maximum with regard to a weight that equals health. When you search for BMI calculator in a search engine, you will come across various generators that allow you to determine which weight suits you best. What is also often used is; Height minus 1 meter is your ideal weight, but this is very approximate.

Gain weight healthily

  • In order to gain weight, it is important to stimulate your appetite through more exercise and sport. Be careful not to use more energy than you consume with food. To gain a healthy appetite, it is good to walk or cycle for at least half an hour in a pleasant manner. One is not supposed to exhaust oneself.
  • Many people who want to gain weight start by eating as much fat as possible. This is not convenient. Saturated fats often reduce appetite. So it is important to eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. Gaining weight does not just mean gaining more fat, but also more muscle mass.
  • To gain weight healthily, it is important to give in to moments of hunger. It is good to include more eating breaks in your daily lifestyle. Take your time and plan it. Due to the busy daily life, people often skip food, which makes it difficult to gain weight.
  • Smokers have a different metabolism than non-smokers. The metabolism of smokers is many times faster than non-smokers. It is common knowledge that people who have just stopped smoking quickly gain 4 kilos. This is normal and healthy due to a healthy metabolism. If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking as soon as possible. You will notice that you gain weight in a healthy way after just 1 week.
  • To gain weight, it is important to create enough rest in your life. Nowadays people get ahead of themselves in all the haste and hustle and bustle, with the result that the body burns more food than it takes in. This way of life will not make it easier to gain weight.
  • Gaining weight is also caused by sufficient sleep. Too little sleep and too much exercise will not cause you to gain weight. If you have difficulty with this, try to determine the cause and work on it so that you get enough sleep. Sufficient sleep is very important for gaining weight.

Time period for gaining weight

To achieve good and long-lasting results in terms of weight gain, it is important to take your time.
If you gain 1 kilo every month, this is a very good and healthy situation. Do it relaxed and do it with your mind. You will notice when you take the time that it will happen automatically at some point. Taking the time for something also means more peace in your life. More rest in your life means less burned and therefore: gaining weight . If you cannot have the patience to gain weight, it is wise to work on this first.

Benefits of gaining weight

Read the above information carefully in difficult moments, it will motivate you. Below are some more examples of why it is good to gain weight.

  • Gaining weight makes you stronger. You will feel physically stronger. Body and mind are interconnected, when you feel physically stronger, you also feel mentally stronger.
  • You gain more self-esteem, which allows you to interact better with people. Because you love yourself more and can handle yourself better, you are also able to handle others better.
  • You better stand up for yourself. Because you are physically stronger, you are also mentally and physically stronger.
  • There is more energy during an unexpected prolonged effort. You can also fall back on a reserve in times of tension.
  • Gaining weight causes a healthier appearance and fuller face.
  • Self-image improves in many ways when you gain weight.

Gaining weight and the scale

In the first days and weeks there may be a tendency to weigh yourself every day for results. This in itself is not a problem as long as you realize that these moments are recordings. There is nothing to worry about if there is no weight gain for a few days. It is best to step on the scale once a week and record this weight every week in the diary or in a notebook with a date. It is important that the long-term vision is maintained. If you gain 1 kilo in weight every month, you are going in the right direction.