Women: more exercise, less breast cancer?

Too many Dutch women will have to deal with breast cancer in their lives. There is no adapted lifestyle to prevent breast cancer. However, women can do something themselves to reduce the risk of breast cancer: women who exercise and exercise sufficiently have a 20 to 40% lower risk of developing breast cancer! A good lifestyle habit for every woman to prevent the risk of developing breast cancer: lots of exercise, exercise and keep moving!

Cancer in women

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. In the Netherlands, approximately 12,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.


It is a drastic message when a woman is told that she has breast cancer. It will turn her life and that of her family and friends completely upside down.

Age category

Every Dutch woman can develop breast cancer, although the chance of it happening before the age of 30 is relatively small. Breast cancer is most common in women aged 45-75, but these are averages.

Pink Ribbon Foundation

Partly thanks to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, with the international breast cancer symbol, the pink ribbon, more and more attention has been paid to breast cancer. Despite the much publicity, there is still a lot of uncertainty about breast cancer.


Despite the extensive work of the Pink Ribbon Foundation in the Netherlands to draw more attention, there is still a lot of uncertainty about breast cancer, such as:

  • Many women think that heredity is the main cause of breast cancer,
  • Heredity plays a role in only 5% of women with breast cancer
  • Lifestyle influences the risk of developing breast cancer.

Lifestyle: sufficient exercise and exercise

Research into breast cancer has shown that 1,000 to 1,500 women with breast cancer every year in the Netherlands could have been prevented if everyone exercised and exercised enough!

Breast cancer after menopause

The same research has shown that the earlier and younger the woman starts exercising and exercising, the better. Regular weighing and exercising at a young age reduces the risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

Insufficient exercise

More than 40% of Dutch women do not exercise enough, despite the fact that almost everyone has long known that exercise is good for us.

Running clothes

Brooks, a running brand, wants to work with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help make women aware of the fact that sufficient exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer. Brooks has designed a special For Her collection of sportswear for this purpose. This allows the sporty woman to kill 3 birds with one stone:

  • The woman supports a good cause (10% of the purchase goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation),
  • The woman takes good care of herself,
  • The woman looks nice.