Body and mind one

It is put so simply, body and mind become one, then you live more purely, honestly and experience everything more intensely. This is absolutely true, but you still have to do this “for a while”. And it turns out not to be that easy.


It starts with the awareness process. Whether you are helped or whether you do it alone is irrelevant. The fact that an awareness process is initiated, which makes you realize that you have to take care of yourself, is the most important thing. Many people live their lives based on puberty, school, relationship, career, family and working like crazy to pay for all those extras. Taking a break from 50 weeks of hard work on holiday and also running the risk of having a hard attack. Your heart is no longer used to all that sudden peace. You can of course approach your retirement in this way, but you remember so much. Things that you may not even realize, but are there.

Yet it can also be done differently and still have a career. Many people often think of the well-known goat’s wool sock and nothing could be further from the truth, as long as you know how to find the balance. Becoming aware of the fact that there is more than just making money and finding balance between work and private life is one of the most important points to realize. The how is the next phase, but once awareness has been achieved, an important step has been taken.

All in due time

Of course, one person changes things radically and then does it all differently, while the other takes small steps in the right direction and then ends up being there for a while. This is very personal and cannot be completed as standard, but it is often the case that the more radical a character is, the greater the chance that someone will suddenly change course.


Power supply

The body, which is used to junk food or at least fatty food, alcohol and little exercise, stores fat and carbohydrates. We have allowed a lot of carbohydrates into our daily diet as standard and if you start paying attention to your diet and exercising more, you have to look for a new balance.

You can find a new balance in your diet by first realizing what you eat. How did you build up your 3 or 5 feedings, what exactly do you eat and what extras come with it? Divide this into fats (good and bad fats), carbohydrates (slow and fast) and proteins. In general, the average person consumes more carbohydrates than he/she needs. Because various vegetables also contain carbohydrates, it is often not necessary to have 2 bread meals and potatoes, pasta or rice with hot food. If you take carbohydrates, at least take people’s products. In terms of fats, most people know which fats are fine and which are not. Eating oily fish twice a week, a piece of beef or a boiled egg instead of meat is fine. Proteins are fine and if you as a man do not exceed 2500 calories and as a woman you do not exceed 2000, that is fine. But in the right proportions and that also means that cookies, chips, licorice and all kinds of fries should be avoided as much as possible. And of course you can have something every now and then, just like a glass of wine or a beer, but everything in moderation.

To move

When you then start exercising, the excess carbohydrates will be the first to disappear from your body and these kilos will be lost faster than the rest (the fats). But exercise is not just about losing weight. The exercise is good for your body, the substances you produce have a positive effect and you literally and figuratively get more air.

Build it up slowly (start with 10/15 minutes and build up to 45 minutes to an hour), because there is no point in exercising like crazy if you do not structurally adjust your lifestyle. It must feel good and must be natural to fit in. Some people are morning people and prefer to exercise in the early morning hours, while others prefer to exercise in the early evening hours. In itself it doesn’t matter that much, as long as you can fit it in structurally and it doesn’t become a hassle. There is a good chance that you will give up again at some point. It should become part of your life and you shouldn’t even have to think about it anymore.


If you put your body to work, it is good to also clear your mind. Stress is generally not good and does not add much. Try to dose your work, set realistic deadlines and not take on more pressure than you can handle as a human being. A busy job is not a problem, but make sure you have enough time to let it go when you go to your private life. Some people use the travel time in the car, train or bicycle for this, while others take some time at work to kick the habit before heading home. The family situation is a bit different, because children are always there, but find balance by taking some time to maintain balance when they are sleeping, playing or at school.

A moment for yourself, as it is so beautifully called, can be spent however you want, but it is important that you spend it in such a way that it stimulates you and gives you energy. This could be reading a book, but also a moment to clear your head with a cup of tea on the couch, do some yoga exercises or at least do something outside the regular schedule. But loosening the mind only works if you do it structurally and feel good about what your body indicates as being good and not good.

You may even be able to combine exercise with clearing your head by going for a walk. If you live by the sea, along one of the Dutch rivers or near a beautiful nature reserve, pack up and go for a walk.


You slowly work towards a bit of unification of body and mind and you give yourself the space to organize, approach and experience things in your life differently. Unification of body and mind and giving yourself space takes time, because you react differently to things and view things differently. Even those around you may react differently. But it stands or falls with yourself, you have to give yourself that first step to organize things differently in your life.