Oral sex in women

Oral sex in a woman, it is often colloquially called cunnilingus. It happens every day and yet there is a slight taboo about it. Many men are insecure and often wonder whether they are doing “it” right. But how should it actually be done? A few basic skills can go a long way. However, oral sex for a woman is not without risks, because it can also cause an STD.

Oral sex in women

Orally stimulating the vagina is called cunnilingus , more popularly known as cunnilingus or licking . Cunnilingus has been happening for centuries because it is already discussed in the Kama Sutra (200 BC). One also often comes across images in very old drawings or paintings. Oral sex is important for many women, because it is the only way for them to achieve an orgasm. Oral sex can be performed by either a man or a woman.

It happens regularly

About 55% of all men occasionally satisfy a woman orally. This percentage is higher in lesbian relationships. Most women enjoy being satisfied in this way. A small percentage, 18%, don’t like it and a small percentage of them even think it’s dirty.

The most sensitive spots

In fact, the entire vagina is sensitive to touch with fingers, mouth, lips or tongue. The labia and the inside of the inner labia are very sensitive to touch. The clitoris is extremely sensitive, but the area around the clitoris is sometimes even more important than the clitoris itself. If a woman is very aroused, direct touching of the clitoris can even be counterproductive. This will then be too sensitive and touch will be experienced as unpleasant.

How to do it

There are actually no instructions for performing oral sex on a woman. Every woman is different and not everyone likes the same things. Some women have difficulty achieving an orgasm and will need to be a little more patient to satisfy her. However, there are certain basic techniques that can be made more person-oriented by paying close attention to the woman’s reaction. If she likes certain actions, continue with it a little longer and possibly come up with a new variation.

Basic technique

Don’t go straight to your goal! Build it up slowly by first gently caressing, kissing and cuddling. Then focus your attention on her legs and thighs, for example, and then begin your final goal very tenderly.

Cunnilingus is more than just stimulating the clitoris, so don’t start there! Gently start licking and kissing the labia and their insides and the area around the clitoris. Blow gently on her lips and suck gently. Gently lick all folds and lips, alternating between a relaxing and firm tongue. Occasionally some pressure can be exerted on the clitoris by pressing firmly against it with the tongue for a moment. A relaxing lick can also be given over it. Watch carefully how the woman reacts, if she likes it you can do it more often. Some women are so sensitive and therefore do not need clitoral stimulation at all for an orgasm.

For variety, you can penetrate the vagina a little with a firm tongue and repeat this action a few times in a row. Many women experience this as very pleasant.

If a woman’s clitoris is not too sensitive, you can gently suck on it, which will provide a lot of pleasure. You can also close his or her lips around it and then tease the clitoris a little with the tongue.

Use your hands by carefully entering the vagina with one or more fingers during oral sex. You can also gently stimulate the clitoris with a finger. Some women find it pleasant to have their labia slightly pulled. The anus can also be stimulated with a finger by rubbing it or gently penetrating the anus with a (damp) finger.


Not every woman reaches climax equally easily. The trick with oral sex is to discover what a woman reacts most strongly to. If you continue to do this a little longer, the chance of an orgasm is very high. Some women rarely or never have an orgasm. Yet they enjoy oral sex in their own way.


Anilingus is also a form of oral sex, but more extreme. It is also called rimming or ass licking. The partner stimulates the anus by licking it softly or wildly with the tongue. If you want to enjoy even more intensely, you can penetrate a little with the tip of the tongue. This form of oral sex is not popular with everyone and can cause quite a shock, especially the first time.
Of course, hygiene is very important here.


When it comes to oral sex, hygiene is perhaps the most important thing of all. As soon as a vagina stinks due to poor hygiene, oral sex is usually no longer an option. However, a vagina can sometimes smell different than one is used to. This often has to do with hormone changes, under the influence of hormones the environment in the vagina can change and also bring a different smell. A vagina can also smell very unpleasant despite good hygiene. A woman can then have an infection without even knowing it. Therefore, do not reject her, but discuss the problem so that the woman can have something done about it.

Risk of an STD

It is often thought that with oral sex the risk of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is not that great. Unfortunately, this is not true and precautions should be taken, especially if they have not known each other for very long. It is best to use special dental dams/licking pads.

When cunnilingus there is a risk of:

  • Genital Warts
  • hepatitis B
  • syphilis
  • genital herpes
  • HIV

If the partner who licks has facial hair, there is a risk of:

  • scabies
  • pubic lice

no risk of pregnancy if there is only oral sex between two partners . Oral sex involving multiple people may pose a small risk of pregnancy. If there are still sperm cells in someone’s mouth, they can indirectly end up in the vagina.

Throat cancer

Women infected with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can develop cervical cancer. The virus can be transmitted to their (sex) partner during oral sex. HPV can cause throat cancer in both men and women. A simple dental dam can prevent infection.

Enjoy each other

In order to enjoy each other even more, people should pay close attention because they like and enjoy each other. This way you interact well with each other and it will result in a pleasant sex life.