Oral sex for men

Oral sex for men, it is often colloquially called blowjobs. For most men it is an ultimate pleasure to be stimulated or satisfied in this way. But what exactly is oral sex and how should you do it? It seems quite harmless, but you can still get an STD this way.

Oral sex for men

Stimulating or pleasuring a man’s penis with the mouth, tongue or lips is called fellatio . It is usually colloquially called blowjob or sucking . Oral sex has been around for as long as the act itself and has had large groups of supporters and opponents over the centuries. Oral sex is often performed during foreplay, but it is often an act in itself. For many men it is an ultimate pleasure to receive a blow job.

Is it weird?

Many women and men find it strange or scary to perform oral sex on their partner. Some women even find it slutty or slutty. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is nice and not let others influence them. But if you enjoy doing it, then you are not the only one because in 50 to 80% of relationships a male partner is occasionally satisfied orally.

Sensitive areas

Actually, the entire penis of the man is sensitive, but the glans, corona (the lower edge of the glans), and the frenulum (the muscle that connects the foreskin to the glans) are the most sensitive. The balls are also very sensitive to touch with the tongue or hands.

How should you do it?

It is of course very difficult to explain exactly how oral sex should be done. Every man has a different preference for what he likes. The description should therefore be seen as a basic technique that can be refined and deepened at your own discretion.

Basic technique

The best oral sex uses a combination of mouth, tongue, lips, hands and rhythmic movement. Don’t use teeth unless your partner likes it, but most men don’t like it. A little teasing with your teeth is possible, but the penis is very sensitive and it will soon be experienced as painful.

Grab the penis by the shaft in your hand and close your lips around the glans. Gently move your head up and down rhythmically. Make sure your mouth is not too dry, the wetter the better it will slide. While you let the penis slide past your lips, you can gently work the glans with your tongue. In the meantime, you can gently massage the shaft and balls with your hands. You can also occasionally suck a little on the penis, but do not apply too much force, unless your partner indicates that he likes that.

For variety, you can lick the entire penis with your tongue. You then lick the entire shaft from his balls to the glans. (You can best compare this with licking a lollipop or an ice cream). Gently licking the tip of your tongue, the corona and the frenulum, is something most men enjoy and will please him very much. Some men also really like it when you lick their balls.

To pamper the glans extra, you can quickly and rhythmically move your lips over the glans up to the corona. If you close your hand more tightly around the shaft, you increase the pressure in the glans, causing it to swell slightly and become even more sensitive. The glans

of a circumcised man is less sensitive and you can therefore stimulate it a little more firmly.

One step further

The perineum

The transition from the penis to the anus is called the perineum. This is the area between the scrotum and the anus. In men, this is also a very sensitive spot for contact with the tongue or fingers. You can gently massage this spot while giving a blow job, but be careful with any long nails. Licking the perineum with your tongue can give the man an intense feeling of pleasure. Some women or men do not like to lick the perineum because it is so close to the anus.


An extreme form of oral sex is anilingus , also called rimming or simply ass licking . The anus is stimulated with the tongue by licking it. The licking can be done gently or more wildly. For an even more intense feeling, you can go in a little with the tip of the tongue. Discuss this with your partner first because not every man likes this. A lot of attention will also have to be paid to hygiene due to contamination by hepatitis A or B and possible parasites.

An orgasm

Ultimately, your partner will have an orgasm if you have stimulated him nicely. You then have the choice to let him cum in your mouth or not. If you have not known someone for very long, it is very wise to use a condom. You can also get condoms with flavors such as strawberry and licorice flavors, so you don’t taste the rubber so much.

If you want to have sex without a condom but don’t want sperm in your mouth, you can ask your partner to give you a signal just before he comes. For example, you can make him cum on a part of your body. Many men also find that very exciting. But of course you can also catch it with a cloth.

If you don’t mind getting semen in your mouth at all, you can choose to swallow it or spit it out. Keep in mind that this carries a risk of contracting an STD, even if you spit it out again.


Hygiene is very important, odors and other filth are not things you want to encounter during oral sex. This is a big turn-off and also very bad for your health. It will certainly get in the way of good sex.

Risk of STD

Oral sex must also be done safely because there is indeed a risk of a sexually transmitted disease, also called an STD . It is best to always use a condom, especially if you have not known your partner for long.

STD that you can contract while giving a blowjob

  • genital herpes
  • syphilis
  • gonorrhea
  • Genital Warts
  • chlamydia
  • HIV

The above conditions can be a risk for both partners. Some people do not even know that they are infected with an STD because it does not always make you sick. However, in this way you can infect someone else who could become ill from it.

Throat cancer

Men who are infected with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can transmit the virus to their (sex) partner during (oral) sex. HPV has been known for years to cause cervical cancer, but it is increasingly leading to throat cancer in both men and women . Condom use can prevent HPV infection.


It is impossible to get pregnant from oral sex. Even if one swallows the semen, this is really not possible. When swallowed, sperm cells end up in the stomach where they are destroyed by the acidic gastric juices. They are digested in the body and no longer pose any risk of pregnancy. It is also impossible for a sperm cell to enter the uterus via the gastrointestinal tract. However, one must be careful with fresh semen that has come into contact with the hands or fingers; this must not be brought into contact with the vagina.


Any form of sex should be on a voluntary basis. This certainly also applies to oral sex. If you really don’t want to do this or if you’re not ready yet, don’t be persuaded. Sex should be fun for both partners….