To fall off? The 5 nutritional tips for a good start

Nothing is as difficult as losing weight properly and healthily. The combination of fast results and healthy and responsible weight loss is particularly difficult. Many people choose to follow a diet. However, the disadvantage of a diet is often that it is a temporary solution. However, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is not a matter of the best diet, but of a healthy lifestyle. To help you lose the first kilos quickly and healthily, you can use the tips below.

Nutrition tips for losing weight

  • Healthy food is the basis
  • Losing weight and exercise always go together!
  • The five nutritional tips to help you get started
  • Eat the right portions
  • Protein-rich snacks for lasting results
  • Be careful with sugars
  • An active liver ensures extra fat burning
  • Get enough sleep
  • Conclusion

Healthy food is the basis

A good and healthy diet is the basis for a healthy weight. However, this is something you have to maintain every day. A diet, such as Sonja Bakker), Dr. Frank or the help of slimming pills (e.g. Alli), is often intended to lose weight quickly in the short term. If you stop the diet, you will often gain weight quickly. You usually gain more weight than you lost. This is the well-known yo-yo effect.

Losing weight and exercise always go together!

If you seriously want to lose weight, you should not only eat less or eat healthier, but also exercise more. Exercise is extra important if you want to lose weight. The reason? If you lose 5 kilos without exercising, you will also lose 1 kilo of muscle. And it is precisely the muscles that ensure fat burning.

The five nutritional tips to help you get started

To help you lose the first kilos, you can follow the following 5 nutritional tips. NB! This is not a diet, but a way of life. These are tips that you can follow for a longer period of time.

Eat the right portions

The right portion has less to do with the number of calories per day, but with the number of calories per meal. A portion of 800 calories is more harmful to the build-up of your body fat than 2 portions of 400 calories. The ideal portion is around 400 calories maximum. If you feel bloated or lethargic after eating, you’ve eaten too much. Research has shown that someone who eats a portion of 450 calories 5 times a day burns more body fat than someone who eats a portion of 700 calories 3 times a day. So smaller portions and multiple meals.

Protein-rich snacks for lasting results

Do you want to burn body fat quickly and permanently? Then it is important that you eat plenty of protein-rich and healthy meals in between. But snacks that contain a lot of protein are also important for burning body fat. The secret lies in the continuity of combustion. Many people think they will lose weight when they feel hungry. But that is absolutely not true! When you feel hungry, your energy burning virtually comes to a standstill. About 5 to 6 protein-rich and healthy snacks ensure the best results.

Be careful with sugars

Too many sugars cause your combustion engine to stall. So try to avoid consuming a lot of sugars at once. For example, are you exercising and taking a bottle of AA drink? Then the effect of exercise is completely gone! It is best to drink water while exercising. Do you still need more energy during exercise? Then take drinks with less sugar, such as Aquana Lemon.

An active liver ensures extra fat burning

(Too) little attention is paid to it: your liver. Your liver is the fat-burning organ of your body. That is why it is important to keep your liver active. But how do you do that? In any case , not by consuming a lot of coffee or alcohol. Foods with aromas, colors and flavors, preservatives or chemical sweeteners also place an extra burden on your liver. As a result, the liver cannot burn enough body fat.

Limit your coffee consumption to 2 or 3 cups per day. The tip to drink more water if you drink more coffee doesn’t work! The coffee will still have to be broken down by your liver. And during that period no fat can be burned. You should also try to moderate your alcohol use. It is not only bad for your liver, but also contains a lot of calories. For example, a glass of red wine contains 120 calories. For this you have to cycle for about 20 minutes. For a 35 year old man it is about 5% of the daily amount you need.

Drinking more water helps to keep your liver active. About 1.5 to 2 liters of water is ideal. Don’t drink too much water! More than 3 liters is harmful to your kidneys.

Super tip: olive oil and lemon juice
Do you want to cleanse your liver before you start? Then drink the juice of half a lemon mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil on an empty stomach for 5 days in a row in the morning. It’s not ‘haute cuisine’, but it does stimulate the liver enormously!

Get enough sleep

It is not a real nutritional tip of course. But enough sleep is very important. Getting enough sleep builds up energy. And you need it during the day. By sleeping well you produce a substance called ‘leptin’. This substance does no more or less than signal to the brain that you have enough energy. So you don’t have to eat this with it. Do you sleep too little? Then you have produced too little leptin. Your brain then signals that you need energy. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you are inclined to quickly eat a marshmallow, because according to the advertising, it provides more energy. But also for more than 300 calories! And you have to cycle for almost an hour to train it off again.


Do you want to lose weight? Then think in advance whether a diet is good for achieving your results. It is often a short-term solution. To prevent the yo-yo effect, you must adjust your lifestyle. You can maintain that longer than any diet.