Overcome heartbreak

You are in love, or you still love your ex partner very much, but the other person no longer loves you. Heartbreak as a result. You prefer to crawl away from everything and everyone, you want to be left alone and be alone with your broken heart and your sadness. Grieving for your lost love. Heartbreak often negatively affects daily life. How can you learn to deal with heartbreak? Better yet, how can you overcome heartbreak and regain control of your life?

What is heartbreak?

Heartbreak is grieving and feeling sad for a lost love. The feeling is so intense that you believe that the pain of the sadness of lost love will never go away.

Broken heart

Suffering a broken heart is extremely sad and full of pain. Someone you love very much no longer wants to continue with you and breaks off the relationship. Sometimes you were able to pick up signals from the other person that he/she was not feeling well and had doubts about your relationship. Often, however, the blow came completely unexpectedly. The shock is great: emotions flood you: you no longer have a grip on the person you love so much and with whom you thought you would have a future together. The result is a broken heart and heartbreak.

Say goodbye

Heartbreak can be a little more bearable if you have had the opportunity to really say goodbye to the person you love so much. For most, the breakup comes completely unexpectedly and there is no opportunity to say goodbye. Heartbreak is much worse and stronger if there was no room to say goodbye to:

  • Your joint relationship,
  • Your common future,
  • Of each other as partners.

Overcome heartbreak

Wallowing in sadness for a few days is fine, give your tears space and express your emotions. Talk to friends for relief. However, if after a few weeks or months there has been no improvement in the unpleasant feeling of heartbreak, follow the following tips to overcome heartbreak so that you can ultimately enjoy life again.

Running and sports

Heartbreak can have many similarities with true depression. If you feel like you’re dealing with depression in addition to heartbreak, follow this advice:

  • Go for a run,
  • Go jogging,
  • Go exercise,
  • Get a lot of exercise outside in the fresh air.

Why? Because exercise and strength sports have particularly beneficial and positive effects on people with depression and heartbreak. The endorphins (the happiness hormone) that are produced by regular exercise significantly reduce the gloomy and sad feelings!

Getting rid of your ex

Falling in love is a kind of drug for many people. Your body is filled with the wonderful love hormones that give you such a fantastic feeling. People with heartbreak have no choice but to kick their addiction: their crush. In other words: as long as you don’t meet your loved one again,

  • Not in the entertainment circuit,
  • Not while shopping
  • Not while working
  • But also not in your telephone list or in the contact list.

In short: you won’t meet your ex-lover anywhere anymore, then you give your own body the space to kick the habit of all the addictive hormones during a crush. Banish your ex lover from your life to overcome heartbreak.

Fantasize about your future

The following advice will require some perseverance, but it works particularly well to overcome heartbreak: fantasize about your future for at least 20 minutes every day. Your happy future and about your happy life. Your body reacts particularly positively to the fun and pleasant things you fantasize, which means everyone processes the sadness of lost love more quickly.


Fixed habits that were created during the period with the ex must be broken. Also change the environment where you often went together, avoid the places where you were often together. By changing both habits and environment, all associations with lost love are avoided. So:

  • Cycle a different route to work,
  • Listen to other music,
  • Go to another cafe,
  • Don’t walk through that romantic park anymore.