Festival outfits for fashionistas

As soon as summer approaches, we see all kinds of festivals passing by. Nice music and fun with friends. Who wouldn’t want that? But what should you wear? Sometimes it is wonderfully sunny during the day, but then it can suddenly start to rain. It can also cool down considerably at night. Therefore, here are clothing tips to look fashionable with the right clothes.

Outfits for every weather

Chilly weather

A light maxi skirt also works well / Source: Unsplash, Pixabay

Although the r is no longer in the month, it can still be quite chilly. Then don’t choose bare legs, but jeans. The cool types can go for boyfriend jeans and feminine types for skinny jeans. Above that you wear a black tank top, a neutral colored cardigan and a bright scarf. This way you can take something off when you get hot, in a large group of people, and put it back on easily. Add striking, sturdy ballerinas with socks and you’re done.

Tip: It is important in cold weather that you dress in layers, because you can still get warm from dancing and the crowds of people.

Warm rainy weather

If it rains but is still warm, you can opt for denim shorts with boots underneath. This style is very commonly seen at festivals. For example, choose dark denim shorts with a cream-colored lace top and bright boots underneath, such as red or blue. Wear a headband or scarf in your hair in the same color as your boots to create a hippie look. You can keep leggings or long stockings in your bag for when it cools down in the evening. To protect you from the rain, you can opt for a raincoat. An army green raincoat is trendy at the moment and matches the cream-colored top nicely.

Tip: It is important to remember in rainy weather that you choose clothing that does not matter if it gets dirty in the mud.
Tip: If you are sure it will rain, you can adjust your outfit accordingly and take the necessary items with you for a rainy day.

Warm and sunny weather

With this weather you can go in any direction. Many women opt for shorts or airy playsuit. You can combine the shorts with a light, translucent top. Gladiator sandals look great underneath and are often seen. If you don’t mind jewelry in this warm weather, you can wear braided rope bracelets around your wrists. Furthermore, an elastic hair band is very useful. You can wear it around your head for a hippie look and if it gets very hot you can put your hair in a ponytail or bun with the headband.

Tip: If you find jewelry annoying in warm weather, you may prefer to opt for a printed top or printed shorts. This way you don’t have to wear jewelry and your outfit isn’t boring.

Accessories and makeup

A large bag or a small one?

You can carry everything in a large bag, such as a bottle of water, sunscreen, lip gloss and your cell phone. The disadvantage of a large bag is that it can get in the way when you are dancing. That is why you can opt for a small bag, in which you only put the necessary items. It depends on what you like.


Sunglasses are simply part of festivals. This also creates a hippie look and protects your eyes from the sun. If you choose extra large sunglasses, this will also protect your face.


Wear makeup with an SPF factor to protect your face from the sun. Moreover, a neutral look is the most beautiful and best for festivals. Because your makeup must last all day, you can opt for a tinted day cream with SPF. Waterproof mascara is useful if you sweat and lip balm with SPF protects your lips from the sun.

Cheap jewelry

If it is very busy, your jewelry may get lost and you cannot find it again. Therefore, wear cheap jewelry. Jewelry may also discolour easily due to sweat and warm weather and if they are cheap, this does not matter much.

Sturdy shoes

Your feet can often be stepped on, so it is useful to wear sturdy shoes. Vans, sneakers, All Stars or sturdy ballerinas are sturdy enough and you can walk comfortably in them. Although sandals and the like are often spotted. So this also applies that you should wear what you like.

Seen at Coachella 2010

The Coachella festival is held every year in California. It is very hot because it takes place in the desert. Many celebs visit this festival and are all dressed fashionably for this warm weather. I’ll give you some examples of what the stars wore at Coachella 2010.

The Hiltons

  • Paris Hilton wore a canary yellow dress with gold studs with matching gold ballet flats and a gold sequin headband. Strangely enough, she had a clutch with her (annoying to hold in your hands all the time), but this was a large clutch.
  • Her sister Nicky Hilton wore a playsuit with a brightly colored print with a green bag and black sandals. The playsuit was often spotted at the festival and is ideal for warm weather.

The Hills & The City

  • Kristin Cavallari wore a typical outfit for warm and sunny weather. She was wearing denim shorts and a purple airy top. She had tied a knot at the side of her top. She completes her outfit with lots of bracelets: rope bracelets on one wrist and gold bangles on the other.
  • Whitney Port wore an airy white shirt with black tye dye stripes and shorts with a bright print. She also had a small shoulder bag with her and was wearing sturdy shoes. Whitney didn’t wear much jewelry, she only had a watch.


  • Alessandra Ambrosio completely nailed the hippie look by wearing a white translucent long top with ruffles at the bottom. The top fell completely over her jeans. She also wore a brown slouch hat and brown boots. A black fringed scarf and chandelier earrings.
  • Agyness Deyn stood out because of her new haircut: completely short. But she was wearing a girly peach dress with Dr. underneath. Martens shoes (chests) with bright blue laces. She completes her outfit with silver chains and black sunglasses.

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