Beauty: Getting rid of make-up mistakes

It happens to all of us sometimes, you’re putting on makeup and you snap. Or worse, you are already somewhere and you have something that has gone bad. You want to get rid of that, but wiping often leaves red spots and doesn’t make it any better. However, make-up mistakes, as I call them, can be removed.

Flaky foundation

You have carefully applied your make-up to your face in the morning hours and this should normally last for at least 8 to 10 hours. However, you may discover halfway through the day that the foundation gives you somewhat flaky skin. There’s a good chance it’s your foundation. This is not to say that it is bad, but due to external factors your skin can become a bit drier (for example air conditioning which you encounter in more and more rooms) and if you do not use a good moisturizer as a day cream or a more creamy foundation, your skin can look start to look flaky.
It is best to adjust the environment, such as sufficient humidifiers with air conditioning, but sometimes that is not possible. Then make sure that you add enough day cream to your skin so that it does not dry out. If you want to touch up the same day, it is best to rid your skin of the flakes and carefully pat some day cream (if you don’t have it with you, you can still use hand cream) on the dry spots. Do not use powder and stay off your facial skin as much as possible at that time.

Too much blush

Pleasantly red apple cheeks can, if you are a little too generous, look like a fiery inflamed head. Of course it is best to apply your makeup in daylight, but that is not always possible. In coastal light it can appear a bit lighter than it does in daylight and if you notice this at work, for example, you can only use some tricks to neutralize it.
If you have a clean powder brush in your bag, run it over your buttocks to remove any excess blush. If you don’t have a powder brush with you, make a small piece of toilet paper and very carefully run it over the areas that are too hot. And if that doesn’t help and you have face powder in your bag, gently dab a layer over the red cheeks.

Too much perfume

A wonderful scent, but sometimes, for whatever reason, you can be a little too eager with your perfume. If you keep smelling it all day long and/or other people are bothered by it (unfortunately not everyone says this honestly), then it is time to do something. Taking a shower is usually not an option at work or in class, but you can apply some hand cream to the areas where you sprayed. The antibacterial gels that you can use if you cannot wash your hands for a while may also help. If it remains a little too greasy, you can carefully remove it with some toilet paper.

Globs of mascara

Most women who use makeup also use mascara. It makes your eyes stand out, makes your eyelashes fuller and, when applied correctly, makes them look younger and fresher. There are all kinds of reasons to put on mascara, but not all mascara sits well on the eyelashes. Many women do not apply mascara properly, allow it to become too old (dehydration) or simply apply a thick grease to the eyelashes and then think they are done. This usually produces the opposite result and you see clumps on the eyelashes.

If you notice that you have worked with mascara too quickly, too eagerly or with mascara that is too old, remove it if possible. If you are already on the road, this is usually not possible. What you can do is very carefully stroke the eyelashes with a piece of toilet paper and some lukewarm water. Do not rub or dab, but very carefully wipe the wet toilet paper over the eyelashes. With a bit of luck, if you have waterproof mascara, it will be difficult to remove a layer. Especially if you have an eyelash comb that you can pull through the wet eyelash hairs (do not use an eyelash comb on dry eyelashes, they will break off). Then there may be less mascara on the eyelashes, but you will also get rid of clumps. It is better to apply the mascara layer by layer and let each layer dry thoroughly.

Smeared mascara, for example if you have cycled in the rain and you are not wearing waterproof mascara, can be a reason to use water resistant mascara next time. This is somewhere between waterproof and regular mascara. But that won’t solve your smeared mascara. Gently dab the skin where the mascara is with some lukewarm water, but do not rub as this will cause red or even chapped spots. Continue dabbing until the mascara dissolves and then pat your face dry with a dry cloth.

Scratch on the new nail polish

If you have just painted your nails, you already notice a scratch. It depends on how dry it is whether you can remove the scratch with your finger under warm water while more or less stroking or whether the nail is already so dry that you go over it with a kind of gloss file. This can also make scratches disappear if you follow the steps of the gloss file.