Make the bikini line hair-free

Summer is coming again! Everyone wants to look good again and many women want to remove as much hair as possible. In this article you can find information about hair removal methods and tips so that you can get a nice, smooth bikini line and get through the summer well.


The question of why women should remove hair from their bikini line is simple, especially in the summer when people walk around in a bikini and/or swimsuit, the hair simply does not look that nice. You don’t want to be ashamed of the hairs there. You can remove these, but it is important to find a way that works for you.

To razor or not?

You may be fine with shaving with a razor, but many people develop red bumps due to ingrown hairs or skin damage after shaving. Then you would have removed the hairs, but red bumps would return. It is often said that you should shave in the direction of the direction. This can indeed prevent bumps, but you usually do not pick up all the hairs or stubble remains. If you choose to shave, you can apply sudocreme after shaving to keep the skin calmer.

Depilatory cream

It sounds like an ideal invention and it could be, but if the cream is not applied properly and the time is not adhered to properly, things can go very wrong. You apply this cream, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off. This often leaves hairs behind due to insufficient distribution and if you leave it on your skin for too long it can cause burns. So always read the packaging very carefully before applying this cream.

Wax yourself

Usually there are not very many wax strips in a package, but if it is only for the bikini line, it will last you a while. It is wise to have something like baby oil nearby. After waxing, some residual resin sometimes remains and this can become irritating. If you remove it immediately with some baby oil, this will not cause any problems. Make sure you remove the wax strip in one go, this is less painful and you should take all the hairs with you.

Waxing at the beautician

It sounds like something expensive, of course the costs keep coming back every now and then, but the prices are often reasonable. The prices depend very much per salon, ranging from 10 to 25 euros. The beauticians are experienced and this will be less painful and look better than if you waxed yourself. With such a treatment, the hairs stay away for about 4 weeks.


This can be done with tweezers or an epilator. However, due to its shapes, the bikini line can sometimes be a bit difficult to epilate with an epilator. Removing hairs with tweezers may take a while, but the hairs will stay away for quite a long time. Because the hairs usually do not all grow at the same speed, it is also easy to keep track of them. It may be painful the first time, but it often gives a nice smooth result.