Visualizing is the formula for success in life

Visualizing is materializing. The creative ability of anyone who wants to grow, develop and be happy.

What is visualization

Visualizing is thinking in images. By visualizing creatively you develop a free and flexible personality. Your character develops in a positive and sensitive manner.

What does visualizing do?

If you can place yourself outside the material, you can also place yourself outside emotion. If you can visualize, you can make big problems in daily life small, or the opposite, inflate the problem. It has the same effect until it explodes. Then what you would like to attract to you. Partly unreal. Partially realistic. Of course you can’t visualize everything. For example, not everyone can visualize that he is king. From the power of your visualization you can bring out the power of your own soul.

People who are depressed for a long time can hardly or not visualize at all. There are actually two types of people on Earth. People who can visualize and people who cannot visualize. People who can visualize fill in positive karma. Lead a positive life. People who cannot visualize will at some point get stuck in apparent visual material problems and will not be able to temporarily get over them or ignore the problem. If you can stand next to the problem, you can view your own problem with your astral eyes. Then you can view your own problem, situation, with the power of your soul. Then you can see if it fits into your Karma. Why it happens. What you can learn from it. How long it lasts and how it will essentially impact your absolute humanity.

Draw the tree of life.

Your deepest feelings are the basis of your own visualization ability. The basis of bringing out, materializing what is your reincarnation assignment and what is important to you on Earth. Visualizing is seeing in images. In psychiatry people have a tree drawn. That tree is your tree of life. This tells you whether you are in your base. The bottom of that tree that spreads out wide. It tells whether it is a narrow tree, actually more of a beam, with many branches at the crown. This means that you are high in your thinking and high in your feelings. But that you have no basis. It can also mean that the foliage has some meaning. Or you draw a lot of leaves or bare branches. Bare branches then represent loneliness. Many leaves represent a warm interpersonal spirit. This way you can fan out and translate such a tree of life. What your tree of life looks like is essential.

Visualize your own tree of life on a white surface in your mind’s eye with your eyes closed. Visualize your tree of life from top to bottom. Why I will convey below. Holds the image. Then slowly open your eyes. You don’t see it with your physical eyes, but you see it with your spiritual eyes. Continue to hold the image with your open eyes. Visualizing your tree is done from top to bottom. Why not from the bottom up. When you visualize your tree of life from bottom to top, you visualize it from your humanity. Taking into account the image that others demand of you. Then you take the outside world into account. What does the other person want me to be? What does the other person want me to look like? What does the other person want me to do? Visualizing a tree from top to bottom is visualizing a tree from your deepest feelings and inspirational world. This is important. Then you discover that your own tree of life is of substantive value to what you are.

Imagine that your tree of life has a large force field around itself. A very strong aura. That your tree of life would be the tree of life par excellence for all people on Earth. A very large rainforest, a very large forest with that tree. Does that mean a continuity of the existing world. Does that mean a total change because you’ve drawn a tree that doesn’t actually exist? That is not important. You could say a tree, as you know it, as it exists, adapted to, actually means that you are a gentle, good-natured person who wants to be “easy” and can adapt to the outside world. A tree that does not exist on Earth means that you want to push boundaries. That you don’t think it’s dramatic to shock the world. Have a different view of the world. A new order. Would like to establish a new world order. An order of peace, of love, harmony and togetherness. This way you can learn a lot from images that people convey to you.

Protect through visualization

Visualize a large white square surface in your mind’s eye. A very small circle in the middle. The circle is you yourself. Make a small circle around that small circle. That’s your body. Around it a slightly small, slightly larger, slightly larger circle. That is the aura around your body. The small circle that you are is protected by the body. It is encapsulated by your aura. All thought power from outside comes first into that aura. It is then processed by the emotional world of your body and can only then reach your soul. So you never have to worry that someone can hurt you. That one can humble your soul. With this knowledge to be protected by the form of the Earth, the body, to be protected by the form of the spirit, your aura, your own life begins.

Path of life

Every life has a path. You follow a life path from the beginning. Visualize your life path in the bottom left corner in the large white square, with all that you are, soul, body and aura. Your birth. Your childhood. Realize that you have a body and are a soul. Give recognition to that body. Give recognition to the soul that you are. What you radiate attracts you. What your soul radiates, your soul attracts. What your body radiates, your body attracts. The vibration of your soul radiates something. Your aura is spiritual, your soul is spiritual. So both are always in the majority compared to the body you have. Do not be afraid. It is your path in life. Only you authorize who may walk upon it.

A target. Suddenly you see your goal. Your reincarnation assignment. Bring that reincarnation assignment to the end of that life path. Put your reincarnation assignment in words, in shapes, in what form you want it at the end of that life path. Essentially you can stop, because by putting it down at the end of that life mission you have already reached the end of that life mission. Realise that. You have only set down the goal as a soul. But as a person you still have to fill it in. Step by step. Piece by piece. Then there is a place to rest. Step by step you will reach your goal.

Solve your problems

Visualize the situation you think you have. Visualize yourself getting over the situation. Then the situation ceases to exist. But then you return to your base, and you discover that it still exists. You have felt and personally experienced in your own visualization what it is like to be without that situation. To live without that problem or situation. So it is possible. That means it’s just a matter of time. If you felt it. If it was part of you, then it is still possible. Give the mind time to sink into matter.