Can I be pregnant?

Sex without a condom, forgetting to take the pill, a torn condom and sex for the first time. Can you get pregnant from that? And can you get pregnant from precum? And if the boy does not ejaculate, is there still a chance of pregnancy? In other words, “can I be pregnant”?

Can I be pregnant in the following situations?

  • Sex without a condom
  • Sex without cumming
  • The first time
  • Menstruation and still pregnant
  • Forgot your pill?
  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Didn’t get my period
  • Medication use
  • Torn condom
  • Precum
  • Sex during break week

Sex without a condom

If you have sex without a condom and do not use additional contraceptive methods, you can become pregnant. A condom forms a barrier for the man’s sperm, so that the sperm cells cannot enter the vagina but remain in the condom.

Sex without cumming

When you have unprotected sex you can always get pregnant, whether the man or woman ejaculates or not. The so-called precum that is released during sexual arousal may also contain sperm cells. The chance that you will become pregnant is smaller than if the man does ejaculate, but it is certainly present.

The first time

You can become pregnant from any unprotected sex , including the first time. The hymen is not a barrier to sperm cells or anything like that.

Menstruation and still pregnant

You sometimes hear stories of people who, despite having their period every month, turned out to be pregnant. This does happen, but is very rare. However, you may confuse so-called implantation bleeding with menstruation. Some women lose some blood when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. With implantation bleeding you usually have less heavy and shorter bleeding.

Forgot your pill?

With most contraceptive pills, you are still protected against pregnancy if you take the forgotten pill within a certain period, usually 48 hours. However, this may differ per contraceptive pill and it is therefore advisable to check the package leaflet of your contraceptive pill.

Depending on the period in which you forgot to take the pill, the chance of pregnancy is relatively greater.

Pregnancy symptoms

Some women show pregnancy symptoms even though they are not pregnant. This is not strange, because the symptoms associated with pregnancy can also occur with other conditions. For example, you may suffer from nausea, have a bloated stomach and have to urinate more often without being pregnant.

In addition, if you pay attention, you will discover pregnancy symptoms more quickly, while at another time you might not have related these complaints to a possible pregnancy at all.

Didn’t get my period

If you are very concerned about a possible pregnancy, your period may be delayed, making it appear as if you are pregnant. Other causes of stress can also delay your period.

Delaying menstruation can have several other causes. For example, women who have recently given birth and are still breastfeeding usually do not have periods. Certain conditions can also cause the absence of menstruation, for example anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. Finally, an irregular menstrual cycle can also give you the idea that you are very late and possibly pregnant.

Medication use

Although many medications can be used at the same time as your contraceptive without any problems, there are also medications that can negatively affect the effectiveness of your contraceptive. For example, antibiotics and St. John’s wort reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill, which may mean that you are less well protected. If you use these products or have recently used them, you should therefore use an additional method of contraception, for example a condom. Always read the package leaflet of the medicines you are taking or plan to use carefully to check whether they do not interact with your contraceptive.

Torn condom

It can happen that a condom breaks during sex. You can even discover this at the moment or afterwards. If the condom is torn, there is a chance that sperm cells (via semen or pre-cum) have entered the vagina, creating a risk of pregnancy. If you do not use additional contraceptives, it is wise to use a morning after pill.


If you have jerked off your partner and then touch your vagina or if your partner fingers you after touching his penis with his fingers during sex, you can become pregnant. The precum may already contain sperm cells that can end up in your vagina.

Sex during break week

When you use the pill you can have sex during your break week . You are also protected against pregnancy during your stop week. However, not every woman likes to have sex during her period.

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