Healthier food, more fruit and vegetables, healthy food

Incorporating healthy fruit and vegetables into your daily diet seems more complicated than it actually is. Try some of the five tips, or just all of them. After reading these tips you will see how easy it actually is to eat healthier.

Place healthy food within reach

Many vegetables are stored in a cool place, such as the refrigerator. Vegetables usually disappear at the bottom of the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Don’t put everything in there, but also put vegetables in plain sight in the refrigerator.

You can store fruit at room temperature for a few days. A well-filled fruit bowl on the kitchen counter works wonders. Not only does it look delicious, but you will also be more likely to grab something as a snack. What you can add is a glass jar containing different types of nuts. Also delicious as a snack, and easily within reach.

Eat vegetarian occasionally

If you eat meat, you don’t have to stop eating it to become healthier. Replace a meat meal with a vegetarian meal once or twice a week. If you ensure that the vegetarian meal contains beans, soy products or nuts, you will get just as much protein as if you were to eat meat. You can also eat a vegetarian sandwich for lunch, filled with raw vegetables, cucumber, tomato, alfalfa, for example. A major additional advantage of such a lunch is the energy boost it gives your body. This way you have enough energy for the rest of the day.

Plan your fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are good for your body. Therefore, eat enough every day. For example, you can eat some fruit for breakfast (with yogurt, next to a sandwich, on a sandwich); raw vegetables for lunch (on a sandwich, separately, with a meal salad); vegetables for dinner (at least two large serving spoons, through the pasta, alone as a salad) and snacks for in between. The snacks can consist of carrots, cucumber, snack tomatoes and the like. Don’t forget that drinks also count towards your fruit and vegetable intake in a day. Fresh fruit juice is also very tasty.

Healthy snacks on hand

Snacking is a bridge to the next meal. Snacking can also help you eat healthier. Instead of licorice, cookies (with sugar) and other unhealthy snacks, you can also snack on fruit or vegetables. Bananas, apples and pears are easy to carry and eat without too much mess. You can also try dried tomatoes, nuts and fruit bars without sugar.

In the evening you can, for example, have a guacamole dip with your chips as a snack, instead of a mayonnaise-based sauce. By also replacing ice cream with yogurt with fruit in it, you are completely on the healthy side!


In many supermarkets you can choose from many different fruit and vegetable drinks. Always choose 100% fruit or vegetables without added sugars. Sugar only provides extra calories, nothing else. By replacing the bottle of water that you drink every day (perhaps several times a day) with a bottle of fruit or vegetable juice, you get many more vitamins and minerals. You can also mix the juice with sparkling spring water if you prefer. Also replace the coffee with tea. Then drink green tea.