Will it be a boy or girl?

Are you also curious about whether you will have a son or daughter? Speculating about the gender of the baby, fantasizing about pink or blue, perhaps a secret preference… the mystery is what makes pregnancy fun! But what tricks are there to secretly find out whether it will be a boy or a girl? For this we do not need to look at scientific evidence, because there is none, but at the countless nonsense that is circulating worldwide. After birth you will know whether they are correct or not!

X and Y chromosomes

All body cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, two of which determine the sex of your baby. These are referred to as X and Y for convenience. The combination for the feminine gender is XX , and for the masculine gender it is XY . The chance that the baby will become XX or XY is the same and is ‘determined’ purely by chance. Nature has arranged it this way because a 50% division of the sexes guarantees the best chance of survival of the species. Egg cells therefore only contain X chromosomes, while a man has both the female X and the male Y chromosome. The sperm that reaches the egg first determines whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. If it is his X, it combines with one of the female X’s and the child becomes a girl (XX). If it is his Y, then it also combines with one of the female X’s and the child becomes a boy (XY). Influencing gender is not possible, but despite this, many attempts have been made to get a grip on it. Below are some suggestions.

Increase the chance of having a son or daughter

First take a look at the calendar. If your age and the year in which you want to become pregnant are both even or both odd, then there will be a girl. If one is even and the other odd, count on a boy. If you want a daughter, sleep with a pink ribbon under your pillow. A blue ribbon applies to a son. Carrying a head of garlic would increase the chance of having a girl, but if you want a boy, wear an onion. Would you rather not have strange odors in your jacket pocket? Then wear an amber for a little boy, or a rock crystal for a girl. You can also do something in terms of food: Eat a high-calorie diet for a boy, and a slightly leaner menu for a girl. If your partner drinks a lot of caffeinated coffee, he probably wants a son. For a daughter he has to go through life without caffeine.

Of course, you can also intervene later: If you want a boy, wait until the moment of ovulation or even a little later. For a girl you have to arrive earlier, count on at least three to five days beforehand. To have a son, your partner must wear loose-fitting underwear during your fertile days, but for a daughter it must be tight. If he takes cold showers he increases the chance of a son, hot baths a daughter. Any more tips? For a daughter, you wear a hat during sex. If you want a son, have your husband or boyfriend put on a hat. Don’t feel like making fuss or bursting out laughing? Then do it differently: exhaust your husband completely during your fertile week by making him do a lot of work and you will certainly have a son. If you want a girl, offer him a nice couch and spoil him with lots of food and little exercise.

Echo in answer to your question?

Once pregnant, you can of course find out the sex of the baby via ultrasound. From twenty weeks onwards, something can usually be said if you specifically request it. Please keep in mind that the gender is not always clearly visible, or may turn out to be different than initially thought. Keep in mind that the 20-week ultrasound is not a ‘fun ultrasound’, but should be seen as a form of prenatal screening that examines abnormalities, the development of the organs, the growth of the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid. Please note that a large part of the mystery is removed if you know the gender of your child halfway through pregnancy. So consider carefully whether you really want to know, or whether you would rather keep speculating until the end, try to find out in more fun ways and still be surprised!

Will it be a son or daughter?
An enormous amount of gossip, coming from all countries in the world, is doing the rounds. Check below for yourself whether you can ‘score’ a boy or girl for each question mark or question. Predominantly ‘son’ answers should really indicate a boy. If you have mostly ‘daughter’ answers, then you’re probably getting a girl. Fifty fifty? Then your body won’t reveal anything…

Your skin and hair

  • Is your head hair becoming thinner and more flaxen and hanging limply down? Count on a daughter. Fuller and shinier hair than ever before, yes, like in the shampoo commercials? A son is coming!
  • If the hairs on your legs grow faster than normal and the hair removal blades are difficult to remove, this indicates the arrival of a boy. If nothing changes in the hair growth, then it is a girl.
  • If you have a stretch line that extends above your navel, you can count on a son. If the line extends to your navel, then it will be a girl. No line? Then it can go either way.
  • If you notice moles on your stomach, then a son will be born, if not, then that means a daughter.
  • Pimples on your face and upper body indicate a girl, if your skin remains clear, then there is a boy.
  • Trouble in your belly button indicates a daughter, don’t you recognize yourself in that? So a boy.
  • And then what you do about it yourself: Do you spend hours in front of the mirror during your pregnancy to look your best? Obviously a son. Do you turn into a mop and don’t give a damn? A girl!

Your figure

  • Does your belly grow very quickly in the first few months? That means a real son. Does it take a long time before you see anything? So a girl.
  • A fuller face? According to Italian superstition, a girl will come. The same profile points to a boy.
  • Bigger buttocks than normal? A girl on the way! Nothing changed? Then count on a boy.
  • Then, in the second half of pregnancy, study your waistline. If it is still visible, then it is a bug. Waist gone? A girl!
  • Do you have swollen legs because you retain a lot of fluid? That means a boy, if your legs have stayed the same, then there will be a little girl.
  • Do you have large, full breasts? That indicates a girl. Little changed? Then buy a lot of blue!
  • If your left breast is bigger than your right you are having a girl. If the right side is larger, it will be a boy. The same size? Then be surprised!
  • A pointed belly indicates a son, a round belly a daughter.
  • Then also look at high or low: If you carry the baby high, then it is a girl. If the baby sits low, then it is probably a boy.
  • And nice to know: Boys prefer to lie on the left side of their stomach and kick to the right, and girls lie on the right side while kicking to the left.
  • You can notice this even more: Boys like to kick your ribs black and blue, girls target your bladder!

Your hands and feet

  • Ice feet? You’re expecting a boy. The same foot temperature as usual? A girl.
  • If your hands are soft then it is a girl, rough hands indicate a boy.
  • Are your nails growing faster and stronger than before? Yep, a boy. No difference? A girl.
  • And then there is the hand trick that you as an expectant mother should not read: Ask the mother-to-be to show her hands. If this is done with the palms up, the baby is a daughter. With your palms down? Yes, a son!

Your eyes

  • Stare straight into the mirror for at least one minute, but no longer than three minutes. Are your pupils dilated? Then the baby is a boy. If nothing happens, you guessed it: a girl.
  • Then pull down the lower eyelid of your right eye and look at the whites of your eyes. Do you see a broken vein in a V-shape there? A little guy. On the other hand, if you see it in your left eye, it indicates a girl.

Boy vs girl: How you feel

  • In general: If the pregnancy goes well, it is more likely to be a son. Ailments and ailments are more likely to indicate a girl.
  • You can also see this in how often people laugh. Do you often lie double? A son! Grumbling through the days? A daughter!
  • Shortness of breath, by the way, points to a boy. Doesn’t that bother you? Then a girl!
  • This also applies to headaches. If you have that often, prepare yourself for a son. A painless head? A daughter.
  • Do you fart and burp a lot? A boy is in the making. None of this yet? Then it’s a little girl.
  • Feeling sick , vomiting and even losing weight? That means guaranteed a daughter. Boys are thought to cause problems especially after pregnancy! And you’re expecting a boy if you empty the fridge three times a day and then still look for food.
  • Speaking of food: Addicted to sour bombs , pickles and savory snacks? A boy in the making! Would you rather have ice cream, chocolate and biscuits? Yes, a girl.
  • And then something strange: Italian mothers who are expecting a girl turn their noses up at the tops of the bread, but if they want to eat tops, then it is a boy!

The nights

  • If you want to sleep all day, then you are expecting a daughter. If you feel more awake than normal, your belly is bringing a son.
  • If lying on your right side is your favorite sleeping position, then you are counting on a daughter. Do you sleep on the left? A son on the way!
  • And according to an American folk tale, if you sleep with your head facing north, you will have a son, and if your pillow faces south, you will have a girl.
  • If you dream about boys more often, then it will indeed be a son. If you dream a lot about girls you can probably buy pink clothes!

For those who don’t believe in anything…
It’s all nonsense, but you still want some guidance? Then make sure the midwife measures your baby’s heart rate. Less than 139 beats per minute almost always indicates a boy. Is the heart rate remarkably fast, i.e. faster than 140? Then the baby is a girl. And this is not just plain old talk!

“Let life surprise you.”