Veet: What beauty feels like

You see it every day on television. Veet: What beauty feels like. The latest hair removal product that will keep your legs smooth for longer. But how does Veet actually work? And what kind of products does Veet develop? In this article you will find more information about Veet.

What is Veet?

Veet is a product that helps with hair removal. Veet has developed a range of hair removal products that are said to give you silky soft skin. For example, Veet has hair removal cream, but also wax strips that help with hair removal. Veet hair removal cream promises smooth legs for up to four weeks. Veet uses a sugar-based formula for the wax strips, so fear of pain is excluded.

How do Veet hair removal creams work?

Veet hair removal cream is available in different variants.


Each pump contains enough cream for approximately four treatments. The large package also contains everything you need, including a spatula, in a handy holder. The application time for dry skin is 3 to 6 minutes. Sensitive skin takes 5 to 10 minutes. This cream is for the legs.

In Shower

This variant contains a water-resistant formula that causes the cream to dissolve when it comes into contact with water. The application time is 3 to 6 minutes. The contents of the package is 1 tube of 150 ml. There is also a double-sided sponge for removing and applying the cream, specially developed for the legs. There is also a variant with 300 ml.

Sensitive skin

This moisturizer should be left on the skin for 5 minutes after application. The product includes a spatula for removing the hair and cream. The contents of the package is 100 ml and is especially for the legs.

3 minutes

With this cream, hairs are dissolved there and not cut away. This cream also contains a moisturizing complex. The application time is 3 minutes and the package includes a spatula for removing the hair and cream on the legs.

Depilatory spray

This spray comes in a specially designed aerosol can. This allows you to spray a layer of spray on your legs without getting your hands dirty. After 3 minutes you can remove the spray with a spatula. Just rinse and you’re done!

How do the Veet Wax Strips work?

Veet wax strips are available in different variants.

Cold wax strips

Warm the washing strip between your hands, apply it, and remove it again. Since the product can be used immediately, no application time is required. The package contains 20 cold wash strips and 4 post-treatment wipes. The strips are especially for the legs. These cold wash strips have also been developed for the armpits, bikini line, and face.

Facial wax

The handy precision spatula makes it easy to apply the wax to the eyebrows and upper lip. The wax needs 1 minute to warm up. The package contains a 15 ml tube, 20 reusable mini strips and a precision spatula.


These cold wash strips are specially designed for sensitive skin. The wax strips can be applied to the legs. A package contains 10 cold wash strips with Vitamin E and Almond Oil and 2 soothing after-treatment wipes. This cream gives smooth legs for up to four weeks. The strips can be used immediately and instructions for use can be found on the internet especially for this variant.


Positive experiences from Veet users include:

“Easy for difficult spots and takes little time.”
“Hair removal cream is gentle to use.”

Negative experiences of Veet users include:

“Sometimes I forget some hairs.”
“Painful at the bikini line.”

Where can you buy Veet and what does it cost?

Veet is available at the drugstore. Veet costs between 2.99 and 13.95 euros.