Beauty: damaged nails

If you would like to have long(er) nails on your fingers, unfortunately this is not possible for many people. If nails are not thin, nails may break off relatively easily. Prevention is better than cure, but what can you do to prevent nail damage and how can you repair nails?


The basis for a strong nail comes from within. The range of B vitamins includes care for the nails and if you do not get enough of this from products, you can always take a vitamin tablet. If you do not do this, there is a good chance that the nails will become more brittle and break or tear relatively quickly.

Good nutrition is therefore primarily the basis for strong nails. But diet is also not the solution and you may have naturally bad(er) nails. There are also options to have well-groomed long(er) nails.


You need a number of basic pieces to care for your nails.

  • glass file
  • goat leg
  • gloss file (optional)
  • cuticle oil
  • soft soap
  • towel

Basic principles in care

A long(er) nail must be kept absolutely clean, because there is nothing more unsightly than having long nails unkempt. You can get a clean nail with a preferably smooth nail surface by keeping the nails in a lukewarm bath with a soft soap. The cuticles will slowly become looser (also rub the cuticles and the nail bed in the water, a half moon on the nail). Keep your fingers in the bath for a few minutes. Once the hands are thoroughly dried, the cuticle oil can be applied to the edges where the nail touches the skin. Carefully lift the cuticles with the cuticle pusher.

The nail can then be filed into the desired shape. Although there are trends in the shape of the nail, it is also important to look at what suits the hand. For example, a short stocky hand will appear a bit longer with nails filed in an oval shape. File from the outside in and never file up and down. The glass file lasts well, is easy to clean and does not damage the nail. This is ideally suited for preserving nails, especially if you want to let them grow longer.


If desired, the nail can be filed smoother (removing imperfections) with a gloss file. The gloss file always works in 3 steps that are indicated on the file or the supplied information. First smooth it with a file that is relatively coarse, then remove what feels coarse on the nail with the 2nd step and the buffer is there to give the nails a nice shine without having to use nail polish. Always realize that it removes a layer from the nail and it always becomes slightly weaker afterwards.


The most common damage is tearing, splitting and loosening of the different layers on the nail.

Primarily we can say that nail polish protects the nails and for that reason it is not wrong to use nail polish. Always remove with acetone-free nail polish remover and occasionally leave the nails without nail polish for a week or so.

To repair

If the nail turns out to be damaged, it depends on the damage whether the nail can be saved. There are repair kits that, in the event of a crack, place a kind of gel layer over the damaged part (applied to the nail in 2 phases). Then file it smooth and the nail polish can go over it again.

There are also sets where you can repair a tear with a kind of blank sticker. It is all precision work and generally only works with a small crack. A nail that is severely torn or split must be removed from the torn portion. Because the lengths can differ and this looks very sloppy, the other nails will also have to be slightly shorter. Layers that are falling off can be smoothed, but that’s all you can do.

If you have suffered damage to the nail bed and this leads to continuous splitting of the nail (this can occur in nails with strong ridges), then this cannot be resolved definitively. That nail will always have a weak spot and you will therefore have to work with all kinds of materials to prevent the nail from splitting. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work.

Special nail polish

There is nail polish with calcium, which should make the nails stronger, and there is nail polish on the market that has a bit of give and stretching can help keep a nail with a very small crack in line.

Artificial nails

There are different types of artificial nails and they immediately give you those beautiful nails that you may want, but all types of artificial nails damage your real nails anyway. Some more than others, but the adhesion of the artificial nail to the real nail simply causes damage. It takes time for this to grow from the nail.

Other care

Hand cream with nail care is recommended. It really has to be stated, otherwise it will not contain any active ingredients for the nails. There are also hand masks and peels that care for the skin of the hand and the edges around the nail. A beautiful nail without a well-groomed hand has just as much effect as new shoes under worn-out clothing.