Losing weight depends on good discipline

Losing weight depends on good discipline. The average person is getting heavier these days. This has everything to do with the modern lifestyle and the fast pace of life these days. Fast food, sweets, snacks, soft drinks are just a few examples of the foods that cause weight gain. The list of ‘fatteners’ is almost endless. The lack of exercise also causes people to become fatter. Almost anyone can lose weight, as long as you have the discipline. As summer approaches, many people become aware of their bodies and the pounds they unintentionally gained last winter. Paying close attention to your food, drinks and exercise is enough for many people who have not paid attention to their diet for a while to get back to their old weight. Losing weight is not too difficult a task.

The youth are getting fatter

A large proportion of children today are overweight. A problem that starts at school. You used to go to school with your lunch box filled with bread and a piece of fruit, but nowadays things are different. A large number of children simply buy lunch at school. Nowadays it is usually possible to buy a wide variety of things in the school canteen. Healthy and less healthy dishes can be ordered in the average school canteen. What is eaten most in the canteens are the less healthy dishes. A lack of the most important nutrients and an excess of fats and sugars already causes weight gain in this phase.

Of course, this problem is not limited to schools. At home, many children do not understand how important good nutrition is and what problems you can get if you consume too much of this unhealthy and high-calorie food. All the commercials on TV are not discouraging either. Everything you can imagine that is healthy and unhealthy is for sale in large quantities in the stores around you. It’s easy to walk into the supermarket after school and get a bag of chips or pop into a snack bar for fries and a hamburger. All this combined with too little exercise results in children who are overweight with all the associated adverse consequences.

Adults are also getting fatter

You can not ignore it. More and more adults are also becoming overweight. Diseases that are the result of obesity and unhealthy nutrition have become an indispensable part of society. It is sad to think that many people eat themselves to death, so to speak, when that is really not necessary.

Every pound goes through the mouth

It does not apply to everyone, but in almost all cases obesity is related to excessive or incorrect food and drink and too little exercise. Some people simply have a problem with their weight even if they only eat the essentials, but these are the exceptions. It’s about what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat and whether you know how to control yourself. In short, it means that your weight increases when you consume more calories than your body uses.

Slowly but certainly

In most cases, gaining weight is a long, drawn-out process. Slowly but surely the kilos are coming on. Because it usually happens so slowly, most people don’t worry about it until it’s too late. Factors such as stress, busyness and little time to relax play a role in this. Many people who experience stress eat and/or drink more than they need and do not pay attention to the amount they consume. They accept the small increase in weight because the scale only points a little more to the right and they have bigger problems than that little weight gain. Ultimately, all people come down to earth at some point, after which they realize that they have gained a lot of weight over a longer period of time. This is the moment when people launch the plan to lose weight. This is also the time when you have to fight against yourself and you need discipline to win this fight.

Losing weight and discipline

The vast majority of people take the step to lose some pounds at some point in their lives. If you are well motivated, it is quite possible to lose weight. If you are not one hundred percent behind it, it might be better to look at your diet and make some adjustments, but not to fight against yourself until a later time. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight if you already feel in advance that you do not have the discipline to do so. A failed waste attempt is not conducive to subsequent attempts.

It is important that you are very aware of the problem of obesity. Your health, the way others look at you, the feeling of discomfort when you walk past thousands of people in your swimming trunks on the beach, the feeling that you cannot breathe properly when you tie your shoes or the reactions of people who look at you with an expression of “if I was that heavy I wouldn’t eat that”. Awareness of your excess weight and all the negative things associated with it is the beginning of the battle with yourself. If you are very aware of your problem, you have already won the first battle. Use these feelings and negative experiences as motivation by motivating yourself to tackle your excess weight. Discipline is also important here. Without discipline you will not win this first battle.

So start losing weight when you feel that you fully support it and that you are strong enough. Take a very critical look at what you eat and drink in a day. Can the meals be smaller or do you only eat one plate instead of two? Drink skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed or full-fat. Choose lean spreads instead of fatty spreads. Leave the alcohol alone.

Also look carefully at the amount you exercise. Try to exercise as much as possible in a day by riding your bike to work if possible, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, having lunch outside instead of in the canteen and exercising. These are just a few examples from a long list of points you can look at. If you are strong enough, it is not that difficult to pay attention to your diet, but at times when you are less strong, it is important that you do not get discouraged but persevere.

It is also important to find out which foods have few calories and which will not make you hungry again too quickly. In general, if you eat one or two sandwiches with lean toppings for breakfast, you will crave something edible within a few hours. Try experimenting with this. What do you need to delay the feeling of hunger for as long as possible? What works well for many people is a milkshake that is made from a meal replacement. This meal replacement contains everything you need. Especially when you shake it well or make the milkshake with a mixer, which makes it very thick and airy in structure, you get a full feeling that can last a long time. Replacing one or two meals with these substitutes is a good and easy way to suppress your hunger. But here too, you will get hungry at some point and you have to be able to control yourself well enough not to snack .

Smuggling is allowed

When you start losing weight you will not lose weight immediately, it will take some time. Once you start losing weight, you will become a lot more motivated and will be able to stick to only eating and drinking what you need for longer.
At some point, usually when you’re at about the same weight, you’ll experience a setback. This backlash can mean that you start snacking more or smuggling occasionally, but it often also happens that people feel like a kind of bottomless pit and continue to eat and drink fattening foods without feeling like they have eaten anything. . Occasional smuggling is no problem. You can see this as a reward for your hard work, but be careful that it remains just smuggling.

A complete relapse is also not something that should deter you and stop losing weight. Try not to go completely in the wrong direction, but enjoy the unhealthy things that you cannot resist these days. In that case, remain aware of your problem and what needs to be done. Make sure that this relapse does not last less than one or two days. After these few days you have to start paying serious attention to your food again. This can be difficult, but with the right motivation and discipline, the right rhythm will return and you can quickly continue losing weight. It does depend on the person what effect this smuggling has on the weight loss result. Some people don’t notice it and continue to lose weight, others remain at the same weight for a while and others immediately gain another kilo. Smuggling is allowed, but try to only do it to reward yourself, for example when you have achieved a goal.

Think about what you eat

There is no point in simply eating less, watching calories or following the dietitian’s advice. Think about what you eat and keep a close eye on the scale. The best way to lose weight is to pay attention to everything you eat and think carefully about the things you will and will not eat. Think carefully about the quantities, frequency and snacks you eat. Pay close attention to when your feeling of hunger returns quickly, or not. Think, draw your conclusions and act accordingly. And again discipline is extremely important here. If the discipline is not there, you can expect to eat too much.