Tips for buying a swimsuit, bikini or tankini

Summer and holidays just around the corner? Finally back to the beach and swimming! To make it complete, treat yourself to new swimwear. But that’s where the misery begins: the confrontation with yourself in a fitting room! Somehow you always look terrible in that booth. But remember: it is not always as it seems! A few tips to make buying swimwear a little easier.

The suffering called the fitting room

A nice day of shopping, what woman doesn’t like that? Enjoy finding nice clothes with a friend! But fitting rooms are generally a disaster! Often a cubicle that is too small with a curtain that just fits. Sometimes there isn’t even a mirror and you have to get out of the cubicle! Always a shortage of brackets and then that awful strange light!! It seems as if all the negative sides of your body are highlighted! You can see every spot, bump and hole extra clearly, you can even see things that you had not noticed at home! Light matters a lot, especially when it is not good. In a fitting room all light comes from above and usually with the wrong color and strength. In short, in a fitting room you suddenly see lumps, bumps, huge hips and other misery.

This especially applies to trying on swimwear because then you see most of your own body. Yet it really doesn’t have to be such a drama. Above all, be honest with yourself and don’t just look at your negative points.
Don’t be discouraged by a small fitting room with the wrong lighting!

Leave your partner at home

If you want to buy a new swimsuit or bikini, leave your partner at home. Letting him or her watch you try on swimwear is really something different than, for example, showering together. Suppose you are standing there with a bathing suit that just doesn’t fit properly with your panties underneath and you still have your socks on, then you really don’t look your best.
Let your partner see if you have come home with the perfect model. It is best to go alone or with a sister or friend who is very honest with you.

Go shopping on a quiet day

Choose a quiet day for shopping. So especially not on a Saturday, shopping Sunday or shopping evening. For example, think of a Monday. It is usually very quiet in a store and there are no impatient people waiting in front of the fitting room. The saleswoman therefore has all the time to help you choose the right model and size.
And there’s nothing wrong with taking a day off for some relaxing shopping!

Choose a brand or model that suits you

First you have to choose between a swimsuit , bikini , or tankini . Choose what you feel most comfortable or sexy in. Then it is important to go for the right brand or model. Not everything will suit your body equally well. Sometimes a certain brand is really hot and all your friends wear it. It is of course very trendy to participate, but remember, if it does not suit your figure, then you are completely missing the point.

Don’t worry about the size

It’s not about what size you are, it’s about how well your swimwear fits! And whether it is a size larger or smaller than you are used to, it doesn’t matter. You can’t say anything about sizes, it always differs per brand or model. Therefore, take several sizes of the same model with you in a fitting room, as this will save a lot of hassle and stress. It may sound strange, but with a larger size you sometimes look thinner. And don’t you want to be confronted with it all the time? Just cut out the label!

Just pay attention to the swimwear

When you stand in front of such a large mirror in the fitting room, there is always a great temptation to pay attention to things that are not important at that moment. So don’t suddenly start paying attention to pits, spots, bumps or fat rolls. That’s not what you come for. The only thing that matters is: How does your swimwear fit!

Your pale skin, in combination with the strange light in the booth, gives a distorted image. If your legs, stomach and arms have become a bit more tanned from a few days of sun, you will always look slimmer. You also see less imperfections on tanned skin… So nothing to worry about.

Expert advice

Are you really looking for something that suits you and you still can’t find it? Then go to a specialty store where they sell swimwear. You usually have better results there than at an average department store. They have a wide range, which is also great for mixing and matching! You can get bikini tops with your own cup size, which usually gives a better fit than a size M or L. Swimsuits are also available with cup sizes and reinforcing underwire. You can also go to the specialist store for corrective swimwear . It is often thought that a specialty store is more expensive, but this is not always the case.

Online shopping

For people who do not feel at home in a fitting room, there is always the option of ordering clothing via a mail order company or an internet store. The advantage of this is that you can fit into your own familiar environment. If you know exactly what your size is, then it is really ideal. It is more difficult if you don’t know how certain models turn out or what the colors are in real life. The chance that something will have to be returned and you will have to order again is quite high. This makes people more likely to become insecure about themselves and their bodies.

Your figure and matching swimwear

  • Small breasts: choose a bikini with a push-up effect. A triangle bikini or a halter bikini is also a good choice.
  • Large breasts: make sure you have a firm cup and straps, which will keep everything in place.
  • Full belly: choose a swimsuit made of sturdy material with a beautiful (deep) décolleté. Do you want something with a print? Preferably not on your stomach, because that makes it look fuller.
  • Short legs: Go for high-cut bikini bottoms or swimsuit!
  • No waist: choose a swimsuit with a belt to make your waist appear smaller.
  • Wide hips: choose a shawl or scarf over the hips when you take a walk on the beach in combination with a deep décolleté, no one will see your wide hips.

Don’t be so insecure about your body

Most women dream of a beautiful and slim body. However, this is not always feasible, every woman is built differently. For example, you will never get rid of wide hips with lines or exercises if this is your physique. However, you can ensure that things do not get out of hand. Most women in the Netherlands have an average size 42, so don’t be fooled by TV, glossies or anything else. Try to dress well and emphasize your positive points and don’t keep staring at those few less pleasant points. Nobody is perfect!

Enjoy life…