Casual hookers on the rise

The crisis strikes mercilessly. Those who are not yet aware of this live on a desert island and do not see how countless companies are closing their doors, others are cutting back, restructuring, outsourcing and laying off thousands of people. Many end up in poverty or have to pull all hands on deck to live a dignified life. Among them are single women who no longer see any way out other than prostitution.


The reasons why women, of whom you would often not expect it , turn to prostitution are diverse: you have the students who want to pay for their studies, you have the young women who want more in life than an ordinary life and are addicted to luxury . There are women who fall alone and cannot sustain themselves financially. Young mothers who want to give their children every opportunity. Women whose husbands have saddled them with an immense mountain of debt and are close to despair. Most of them had the choice between ending up in the gutter or living a dignified life. They chose the second, even though it required a lot of sacrifice and the prospect of a mentally charged existence.

Don’t think that these occasional whores only come from the lowest classes of our society. Good housewives who have led a fairly luxurious life but have run into financial problems due to circumstances also advertise on the internet or in the local newspaper.

The harsh reality

Somehow these ladies must be able to turn the switch. Offering their most intimate selves for sale is an extremely difficult task for most. The men they meet are not always the most attractive. There are those who do not take care of themselves, but also drunkards, violent people, and power-hungry individuals. Some men receive them with champagne and a massage, others expect her to immediately spread her legs and surrender herself completely to them without any form of tenderness. It takes a lot of courage to allow herself to be fooled by men she doesn’t like at all. She must have the attitude to completely distance herself from this and clear her mind.

Which men cross their path?

The men who need these ladies are often not in a relationship. The oldest, fattest and most repulsive men turn to whores and usually they not only want normal sex but they also look for extremes that often fall into the realm of SM. If they want a Mistress , she is lucky, because she determines what happens, but sometimes things are expected of the Mistresses for which many have to cross a threshold. If she is the slave in the story, she must arm herself against sadistic violence that can go far as the men think they own her completely if they only pay her. Because it pays extra well, many ladies go along with it, even though in some cases it can be extremely mentally taxing.

Self-employed or employed?

Those who start have a choice: operate independently or register with an escort agency . Most choose the escort. Working independently has advantages but also and especially disadvantages. The big advantage is that you can keep the earnings completely for yourself. If you charge 100 euros per hour, then those 100 euros are all yours. However, the disadvantages overshadow the major advantage: firstly, you have to provide a place where you can receive your customers. If you choose your own niche, you run the risk that people with less noble motives will harass you at all times. In addition, you become the talk of the town and you are soon known in your neighborhood as the woman of all men. If you visit the customer at his home, you are completely at the mercy of his whims and no one can protect you if nasty things happen to you. things hanging over your head.

That is why these women usually choose an escort agency. If it is a serious agency, she gets the majority of the earnings, for example 60% for her, 40% for the agency. In exchange, she is taken care of: they answer the phone day and night, they take care of the appointments, they advertise, she is given a driver who waits outside until she has finished the customer and who supports her psychologically if she is having a hard time. has.

The earnings

Because it is so difficult, many women bite the bullet for a limited period of time. In a few months they try to get the most out of it to cope with their financial problems as quickly as possible and then they leave again. This way they easily earn 1000 euros per week at a rate of 100 to 150 euros per customer. Good workers earn a minimum of 4,000 euros per month. The slightly older ladies who move more in business circles can charge a higher price range and often ask 200 to 250 euros per hour.

The market is there

Since there is a large market, any grooming woman can build a customer base. Young is an advantage, because men want to be younger and younger. Girls of 18 are highly sought after, so escorts often pretend to be younger than they really are out of necessity. However, older ladies (30-35 years) also appear to increasingly express the wish to gain more financial scope in this way. They therefore do not end up in the regular circuit, but at agencies that mainly focus on business people who want more than a quick hook-up, but a classy lady who can accompany them on a business trip or a chic dinner.

Necessity knows no law

Prostitutes, whores, escorts, call it what you want, are still turned around. Although the average man has dated at some point in his life, he looks down on these women. They are still considered the (necessary) bottom of the world. That is why there is still a taboo on the profession and few dare to openly admit that they have fallen into it. Now that the crisis is hitting so hard, for many it is the only way out to keep their heads above water.